Movie Review: She’s Dating The Gangster

She’s Dating The Gangster is based on a wattpad story about a 17 year old girl named Athena Dizon (Kathryn Bernardo) who has to go with the deal of pretending to be in a relationship with one of the gangster Kenji Delos Reyes (Daniel Padilla) just to get his ex-girlfriend feel jealous and win her back again. Throughout their pretend relationship, Athena suddenly finds herself falling in love with Kenji and wants to back out of the deal. In the end, despite her serious health condition, Athena learns to fight for love, knowing or believing that it will let her live longer.

Watching this movie made me realize that love isn’t all about finding the right or perfect person but rather seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Love knows no bounds. Loving a person is seeing how God intends him or her to be. Love is accepting a person for who he or she is, not trying to change him or her. This movie is a must-watch for everyone, not just for teenagers but also for the whole family.

Quoting from the Bible, I Cor. 14:4-7, it states the qualities of love:

1) Love is patient and kind (v.4) – Love is all about being patient. No matter how long it takes, a person who loves perseveres and waits patiently for the right time to come. It is kind. It never seeks to harm other people. It does not envy, does not boast, nor is it proud – a person who loves knows how to be contented with what he or she has, but keeps himself or herself humble.

2) Love does not dishonor others, nor is it self-seeking (v.5 ) Love never finds a way to cause others shame or disgrace nor does it seek pleasure for itself. A person who loves respects other people’s feelings and seeks that other people are happy. It is not easily angered nor does it keep record of wrongs – a person who loves never loses his or her temper easily and learns to forgive and forget others for their wrongdoings, no matter how big his or her transgressions are.

3) Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. (v.6) – Love does not seek out to enjoy seeing people do wrong things or sin, nor does it lie. A person who loves would do the right thing and be honest all the time with the people they love, no matter how the truth hurts.

4) Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (v.7) A person who loves would always protect other people. Love never doubts. It always hopes for the best and perseveres no matter how hard it is. A person who loves is one who never gives up easily.

Love is not about trying to change the person’s behavior or attitude. A person who loves would accept his or her significant other, despite his or her imperfections. A person who truly loves would love another person whole-heartedly and unconditionally.