Compiled Recipe – Rum Iced Coffee

Rum Iced Coffee

* 1 tbsp dark rum
* orange
* ¼ tsp nutmeg
* 1 tbsp instant coffee
* 1 cup water, warm
* 2 tbsp honey
* ¼ cup milk
* ½ cup ice

1) Combine dark rum, rind from an orange wedge and ground nutmeg in a bowl; steep for 10 minutes.

2) Combine instant coffee and warm water in a glass (alternatively, you can use 1 cup brewed coffee). Stir in infused rum, honey and milk. Add ice before serving.



Compiled Recipe – Apple and Brie Toast

Apple and Brie Toast

* 1 green apple, peeled and cored
* 1 red apple, peeled and cored
* 2 cups water, with 2 teaspoons lemon juice
* 1 (12-inch) loaf baguette (French bread) , cut into ½-inch thick pieces
* 1 wheel brie cheese
* walnuts (for topping)
* honey (for drizzling)

1) Thinly slice apples. Soak in water with lemon juice. Set aside, covered, in the refrigerator.

2) Slice loaf of French bread into ½-inch thick pieces. Brush each side with olive oil. Lightly toast until browned but still soft. Top with lettuce. Slice 1 wheel brie into quarters, then into 6 thin pieces each. Place on top of lettuce.

3) Drain apples and dry with paper towels. Place 1 slice red and green apple on top of cheese. Sprinkle with chopped toasted walnuts and drizzle each with 1 teaspoon honey.


Compiled Recipe – Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast

* 1 large orange sweet potatoes (kamote) , peeled, sliced lengthwise
* 1 tbsp. oil
* 3 tbsp. peanut butter
* 1 banana, use lakatan variety, peeled, sliced
* 2 tbsp. honey
* salt (to taste)

1) Brush cut sides of camote with oil. Sprinkle with salt. In a toaster, toast 5 minutes or until softened.

2) Spread peanut butter on camote. Top with bananas and drizzle with honey.


Compiled Recipe – Watercress and Chico Salad

Watercress and Chico Salad

* ½ cup olive oil
* ¼ cup malt vinegar
* 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
* 2 tbsp honey
* 1 clove garlic, minced
* 1 large bunch watercress
* 4 to 5 medium ripe chico, seeded and sliced into eights
* 2 small red onions, sliced thinly into half moons
* ½ cup almonds, toasted, chopped

1) Make the dressing: Combine all ingredients in a jar with a  secure lid. Cover and shake vigorously until well combined.

2) Toss together watercress, chico, onions and almonds in a salad bowl. Drizzle with prepared dressing then toss to coat. Serve immediately.


Compiled Recipe – Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs

* ½ kilo ground chicken
* 1 cup breadcrumbs
* 1/8 cup basil leaves, chopped
* zest from 1 orange
* ½ cup orange juice
* ½  cup honey
* 1 tbsp cornstarch
* 2 tbsp soy sauce
* salt (to taste)
* ground black pepper (to taste)
* oil (for frying)

1) Mix ground chicken, breadcrumbs, basil leaves, half of the zest and salt and ground black pepper to taste. Cook a small ball to test for seasoning and adjust as needed. Using wet hands, form into 1 ½-inch balls. Set aside.

2) Heat enough oil in a deep saucepan for frying. Fry chicken meatballs in batches until golden. Drain on a rack over paper towels. Set aside.

3) Whisk orange juice, honey, cornstarch, soy sauce and remaining zest in a small saucepot. Place over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Cook until thickened. Serve with chicken balls.



Compiled Recipe – Orange Salad

Orange Salad

* 2 navel oranges
* 2 bunches romaine lettuce, rinsed, torn
* ½ red onion, peeled, sliced thinly
* ¼ cup dried cranberries
* 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
* 2 tbsp sunflower nuts
* ¼ cup kesong puti, crumbled
* ¼ cup orange juice
* 1 small shallot, peeled, finely chopped
* ½ tsp prepared mustard
* 2 tbsp honey
* ½ cup olive oil
* salt (to taste)
* ground black pepper (to taste)

1) Zest oranges and reserve for another use. Using a knife, completely slice off the peel from the orange. Slice orange into rounds.

2) Arrange lettuce leaves on a plate. Top with orange slices, onion, dried cranberries, nuts and kesong puti. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Set aside.

3) Make vinaigrette: In a squeeze bottle, combine orange juice, shallot, mustard, honey and olive oil. Put the lid on and shake until well mixed. Season with salt and ground black pepper. Serve with salad.



Compiled Recipe – Chicken Teriyaki with Sweet Corn Rice

 Chicken Teriyaki with Sweet Corn Rice

* 1 ½ cup long grain rice, rinsed
* 1 cup water
* 1 can sweet corn kernels, water reserved (use 400 gram can)
* ½ kilo chicken breast fillets, cut into strips
* 1 tsp sesame seeds
* ¼ cup soy sauce
* 2 tbsp brown sugar
* ¼ cup honey
* 1 tbsp sesame oil
* salt (to taste)
* ground black pepper (to taste)
* oil (for frying)

1) In the bowl of a rice cooker, combine rice, water and corn water (about ½ cup). Set to cook. Once done, gently fluff rice and stir in sweet corn kernels. Keep warm.

2) Meanwhile, heat enough oil in a frying pan for frying. Season chicken with salt and ground black pepper. Once hot, pan fry chicken until cooked through. Drain on a rack over paper towels.

3) Remove oil from pan and wipe clean with paper towels. Place over medium heat. Add sesame seeds and lightly toast. Remove from pan and set aside.

4) In the same pan, pour in soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, sesame oil and ground black pepper. Stir to mix. Return chicken to the pan and toss in sauce until caramelized and coated. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Remove from pan. Serve immediately with corn rice.


Compiled Recipe – Grilled Soy Curry Chicken

Grilled Soy Curry Chicken

* 8 chicken thighs, boneless
* 1 tsp curry powder
* salt (to taste)
* ground black pepper (to taste)
* zucchini
* red onions
* cherry tomatoes
* 2 tbsp honey
* 1 tbsp brown sugar
* ¼ cup soy sauce
* 2 tsp curry powder
* 3 cloves garlic, minced
* ¼ tsp ground black pepper

1) Skewer chicken thighs, seasoned with curry powder and salt and ground black pepper, to taste, with zucchini, red onions and cherry tomatoes.

2) Before grilling, baste in the last minute with a mixture of honey, brown sugar, soy sauce , curry powder, garlic and ground black pepper for 10 minutes, or until cooked through.


Compiled Recipe – Miso Honey Glazed Fried Chicken

Miso Honey Glazed Fried Chicken

* ½ cup miso, shinshu miso
* ½ cup honey
* ½ cup sake
* ¼ cup mirin
* 2 tsp Japanese soy sauce
* 1 tsp ginger, grated
* 1 to 2 tsp chili pepper sauce or garlic chili pepper sauce
* ground black pepper (to taste)
* 3 tsp cornstarch, dissolved in 1 tablespoon water
* canola oil (to fry)
* 1 kilo chicken pieces, bone-in
* salt (to taste)
* ground black pepper (to taste)
* 2 large eggs, beaten with 1 tablespoon water
* 2 cups all-purpose flour, seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper

1) Make the miso-honey sauce: Combine miso, honey, sake, ½ cup water, mirin, soy sauce, ginger ang garlic chili pepper sauce, if using, in a saucepan over medium low heat. Simmer for about 5 minutes and stir to combine. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add cornstarch and cook until mixture thickens, about 1 minute. Set aside and keep warm.

2) Heat 2 inches oil in a deep, heavy bottomed pan until temperature registers 300◦F on a deep fry thermometer.

3) Pat chicken dry. Season with salt and pepper. Working in batches, dip chicken in egg then dredge, shaking off excess. Dip in egg then dredge in flour again. Fry chicken, turning once, until golden and almost cooked through, about 5 to 7 minutes. Drain on paper towels.

4) Heat oil to 350◦F. Fry chicken again until crisp, about 2 minutes. Drain on paper towels then transfer to a large bowl.


Compiled Recipe – Avocado and Mango Split

Avocado and Mango Split

* 1 flesh of mango, sliced
* 2 tbsp honey
* 1 piece avocado, use ripe avocado
* 8 scoops vanilla ice cream
* 1 cup mango, diced
* 1 pack caramel pops or 4 tablespoons crushed peanut brittle

1) Place mango flesh in a blender. Add honey and blend to make a sauce. Add a few tablespoons of water, if necessary. Set aside. This can be prepared ahead and stored in the refrigerator.

2) Remove the seed from the avocado. Scoop out flesh and slice into thick strips.

3) Divide avocado slices among four bowls. Top each bowl with 2 scoops of ice cream. Add diced mangoes. Drizzle mango sauce and top with caramel pops or peanut brittle. Serve immediately.