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Product Review: Flawless Anti-Perspirant Whitening Deo

Flawless Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deo
Flawless Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deo

Hi Bellas!

Are you sick and tired of that bas-kil (“basang kili-kili”) feeling? Ashamed to raise those dark underarms especially when commuting or riding a jeep? Worry no more as Flawless Whitening and Anti-Perspirant Deo is here to put an end to all your problems or under-arm concerns.

I’ll be writing another product review on one of my new Flawless products which is the Flawless  Whitening and Anti-Perspirant Deo. I ordered this product since I’m also having concerns when it comes to my under-arm and I just made the right decision in purchasing this one.

So, here’s my product review. For the first part, I’ll be discussing about the description, direction for use, ingredients and safety pre-cautions when using this product.

Product Description: So basically, Flawless Whitening and Anti-Perspirant Deo is a product which lightens your dark underarms and helps protect against body odor all day, making you feel fresh and worry free from that bas-kil or what we call the basang kili kili feeling, making you feel confident to raise those underarms.

Directions For Use: Tip bottle upside down. Roll on underarms.

Ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol, EDTA, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, PCG 10, Butylene Glycol, Kojic Acid, Acetyl Tyrosine, Sodium Sulfite, Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate, Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, Arbutin, Paeonia Suffruticosca Extract, Scutellaria Baicalnesis Root Extract, Glutathione, Irgasan, Mackstat DM, Dipotassium Glycycrrizinate and Perfume

Safety Pre-cautions: Do not apply to broken skin. Some users will experience skin irritation. If irritation develops, discontinue use. Consult physician, if necessary.

For the second part, I’ll discuss what I like and dislike about the product, if I will buy it again and my rating for this Flawless product.

What I Like: Its mild scent. It has a kojic acid and glutathione which whitens the underarms. I could say this product is effective as my underarm gets whitened after use.

What I Dislike: It’s a bit costly or pricey but still worth purchasing (Php 180/50 mL)

Will I buy this one again? : a big YES. Even though this product is a bit pricey for me, its effectivity on my skin or underarms is what matters.

My rating: 4/5

Flawless Anti-Perspirant Whitening Deo is distributed by Forever Flawless Face and Body Center, Inc. It’s best to be sure that you consult the physician or in-house doctor before purchasing.

You may either purchase one from any Flawless clinic nearest your location or through their online shop.

That’s all for now, Bellas! Stay tuned for my next Flawless product review


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Product Review: Flawless Skin Protect Gel

Bonjour, Bellas! Here’s my next product review for another Flawless product I’ve purchased last month which is the Flawless Skin Protect Gel. This is perfect for staying flawless this summer  along with my Flawless Skin Protect Mist.

Flawless Skin Protect Gel (Php 290/20 g)
Flawless Skin Protect Gel (Php 290/20 g)

So, for the first part, I’ll be writing about its product description, how to use it and its ingredients.

Product Description: This product is a specially formulated sun-screen that protects the skin without leaving a greasy feel. Flawless Skin Protect Gel is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

Description for Use: Apply evenly on areas exposed to sun. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming or toweling.

Ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methylsothiazolionne (0.0055 %) and Chloraphenesin (0.0525%) . PEG-40 Hydrogenated Oil, Benzophenone-4, Fragrance.

Directions for use and ingredients
Directions for use and ingredients

For the next part will be what I like and dislike about this product

What I Like: Its packaging (Flawless comes in a white, 20 gram tube) and cooling effects . It’s really useful especially this summer season.

What I Dislike: It’s a bit too pricey for a 20 gram tube (Price: Php 290)


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Product Review: Flawless Pore Refiner Toner

Hi, Bellas! For my next product review, I’ll be writing about Flawless Pore Refiner Toner. For the first part, I’ll be writing about what it is, how to use it and its ingredients.

Flawless Pore Refiner Toner (Price: Php 290/100 mL)

Product Description: Flawless Pore Refiner Toner is specially formulated to minimize pores as well as tone our skin. This product is recommended for those who have oily skin concerns.

Direction For Use: Apply this product on your face using cotton balls just after washing. This is applicable for morning and evening use.

Ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Hamamelis Virginia Extract, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Methyl Paraben (and) Propyl Paraben

Flawless Pore Refiner Toner is a product of Refinette Cosmetic Industry and exclusively distributed by Forever Flawless Face and Body Center, Inc. Note: It’s best if you consult the in-house doctor of Flawless to find out which product or treatment is best suitable for your skin concerns.

For the second part, I’ll be discussing what I like and dislike about this product.

What I Like: The mild effects of this product despite its ingredients. It’s really perfect for my skin concerns.

What I Dislike: None. The price is just right. Flawless Pore Refiner Toner costs Php 290/100 mL.

There we go, Bella’s. Stay tuned for my next product review.


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Product Review: Flawless SAS Soap

Product Review: Flawless SAS Soap

Flawless SAS Soap (Price: Php 140)

Hi, Bellas! I will be doing another product review of another Flawless skin care product which is the SAS Soap, which I previously bought last month from their clinic.

Flawless SAS Soap is one of the skin care products that in-house doctor recommended for me to use with regards to my skin concern. Here are its product description, how to use it and its ingredients:

Product Description: Flawless SAS Soap is a specially designed soap made to combat acne by targeting the acne-causing bacteria as well as decrease oiliness of acne-prone skin.

Direction for use: This is for face use only. For dry skin, use once a day and twice a day for oily skin.

Ingredients: Triethanolamine, Stearic Acid, Water, Laturic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Myristic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Psidium Guajava Fruit Extract, Glyercin, Cocodiethanolamide, Edta, Triclosan, Butylated Hydroxytoluene , Fragrance , C.I #15510, C.I #12490 and C.I. #74160

Flawless SAS Soap is manufactured by Refinette Cosmetic Industry and exclusively distributed by Forever Flawless Face and Body Center, Inc. This soap comes in a pink box.

Second, I’ll share with you what I like and dislike about this product:

What  I Like: The mild scent of this soap. I just love the fragrance and its effects

What I Dislike: None that I could think of. Its price is not that bad.

Price: Php 140/90 grams

To find out what skin care solution is more suitable or recommended for you, feel free to visit Flawless clinic near you for a free consultation.

That’s all for today! 🙂 Stay tuned for my next product review.


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Product Review: Flawless Skin Protect Mist

Hi, Bellas! It’s summer time! Don’t you just hate it when the scorching heat of the sun touches your skin? There’s no need to worry when you’ve got a Flawless Skin Protect Mist in hand. You can carry it along with you wherever you go. Whether you’re on vacation, you can be flawless this summer with Flawess Skin Protect Mist.

Flawless Skin Protect Mist
Flawless Skin Protect Mist (Price: Php 450)

First, I’ll give you a review on this product, the ingredients and how it works:

Product Description: Flawless Skin Protect Mist is a broad spectrum sunscreen spray with SPF 70 which helps protect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. This SP mist is specially formulated to provide maximum and safe protection for all skin types.

Directions For Use: First and foremost, don’t forget to shake this well before you use it!  Hold can upright and slowly spray evenly about 6 to 8 inches away from the area of application. Note: Do not spray directly to your face. Ensure generous and even application of the sun-screen to the skin for better coverage. Apply liberally at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply at least even once every two hours or immediately after swimming, excessive sweating or pro-longed sun exposure.

Safety Pre-cautions:
* Over exposure to the sun is a serious health threat, even to our skin.
* Keep out of reach of children and pets.
* During and after application, stay away from open flames or other direct sources of heat.
* Avoid ingestion of product or contact with eyes. If any of these happen, immediately rinse the area with plenty of water.
* Store product protected from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50˚C.
* Do not puncture or incinerate can even when empty.

Ingredients: Hydrocarbon Propellant, Octylmethoxycinnamate, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Benzophenone-3, Ethyl Alcohol, Avobenzone, Acrylates Copolymer, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin, Triethanolamine and Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Flawless Skin Protect Mist is manufactured by Aero-Pack Industries Inc. and exclusively distributed by Flawless Face and Body Center.

Second, I’ll share what I like and dislike about this product:

What I like: Its fragrance and smooth feeling when I spray this product on my skin.

What I dislike: This product is a bit too pricey. It costs Php 450/100 mL

So, there we go!

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Perks of A Bella Experience x Flawless

Flawless evening to you , Bellas!

So, for the next coupon experience series, I used up my coupon for Flawless which is the free rejuvelite mask for a regular facial treatment. I availed this regular facial treatment earlier this afternoon for my third facial session and follow up appointment.

Flawless BDJ coupon
Flawless BDJ coupon

From their menu of services, I picked out Flawless White Regular Facial for an amount of Php 675.00 . This Flawless White Regular Facial is a kind of regular facial treatment which uses a skin lightening mask containing a plant-based lightening agent. Just like the classic facial treatment, it also includes a fractional needling therapy, which may cause you to get a bit teary-eyed throughout the session but I guarantee you that the pain is worth it.

Flawless White Regular Facial Treatment
Flawless White Regular Facial Treatment

Now, we proceed to the Rejuvelite Mask Facial . This treatment is designed to activate collagen production and boosts our skin rejuvenation for total beauty and it works by allowing the skin to absorb light energy to produce cellular fuel and increase activity of our natural body’s healing and regeneration process.

This Flawless Rejuvelite Mask Facial offers 7 different colors of visible and infrared lights in order to produce various benefits to the skin, such as firming lines, soothing skin, repairing damages, cleaning acne and blemishes, reducing redness and balancing our complexion.

These gorgeous effects depend on the wavelengths of light used, determined by color: Red and purple lights promote youthful beauty (red – combats wrinkles and increases collagen production of smoother and younger looking skin/purple – increases cell regeneration and renewal) , cyan and yellow lights are useful for healing (cyan light calms and soothes irritated skin and reduces swollen capillaries/yellow light alleviates redness and heals skin from inflammation, sunburn, windburn and other environmental changes.)

The Flawless Rejuvelite Mask Facial is being offered in 4 full variants: Flawless Rejuvelite Oil Control Mask Facial, Flawless Rejuvelite Acne Control Mask Facial, Flawless Rejuvelite Age Defy Mask Facial and Flawless Rejuvelite Whitening Mask Facial which costs Php 1,100 per session. I got mine for free since I availed of the regular facial with the use of my BDJ coupon.

And now , we proceed to the Rejuvelite Mask
And now , we proceed to the Rejuvelite Mask

If you’re looking for a quick yet effective aesthetic treatment, Flawless Rejuvelite InstaFacials is also available at Flawless Face and Body Clinic. This rejuvelite mask facial is good for Calming, Boosting, Healing and Firming effects at Php 480 per session. Each Flawless Rejuvelite InstaFacial takes only 30 minutes and is suitable for busy beauty seekers.

What I love the most is the rejuvenating feeling of the rejuvelite mask that is being placed just an inch above your face. After the session, I could say I really felt rejuvenated, as well as satisfied.

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Flawless Surprise at Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Selfie before the treatment
Selfie before the treatment

What’s up, Bellas?

Want a skin that’s alagang Flawless? Flawless Face and Body Clinic may be just the right aesthetic beauty clinic for you.

For my follow up appointment, I availed of this clinic’s free classic facial as a #FlawlessSurprise freebie. For this treatment, it takes only 30 minutes for your skin to look perfectly flawless and it comes with the fractional needling therapy that removes all the impurities from your face.  Sure, this FNT treatment may hurt a bit and will make you get a bit teary-eyed but it’s definitely worth the pain as it makes your skin look fresh.

This facial treatment is also my way of preparing for tomorrow’s big event which is the BDJ Women’s Summit.

In order to avail of this #FlawlessSurprise freebie, you need to present a valid ID and if you’re 18 years old and below, you might need to bring along a guardian to accompany you.

Aside from the facial treatment, I also availed of their underarm waxing service which costs Php 280 (this is for both underarms already).

Alagang Flawless
Alagang Flawless


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My Flawless Skin Care Products

Flawless Skin Care Products from Flawless Face and Body Clinic
Flawless Skin Care Products from Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Bonjour, Bellas!

Having concerns with regards to your skin? Want to know which skin care products might just work out on you? Then it’s time you visit Flawless Face and Body Clinic and consult a doctor on which skin products would work out more and solve your skin problems (e.g. acne, pores and other concerns). The doctor’s consultation is free when it comes to non-medical concerns.

Prior to last week’s appointment and consultation and facial, the doctor recommended 5 skin care products that would be fit to use on my skin, and these skin care products were the ff: SAS Soap/Tea Tree Soap (for morning and evening use), Pore Refiner Toner (for morning and evening use), Erythromycin Solution (for morning and evening use), Benzyl Peroxide (morning and evening use) and Daily Sun Shield (for morning and afternoon use).

SAS Soap, Pore Refiner Toner and Skin Protect Gel from Flawless (620 Php)

Out of these 5 products, I bought only 3 for the meantime and these include: SAS Soap , Pore Refiner Toner and last but not the least is the Daily Sun Shield for a total of 720 Php. (Since I used the P100 pink peso voucher, the total priced was cut off to 620 Php).

So, here are the following products ,how they work and how to use it:

SAS Soap Price: P140
SAS Soap (Price: Php140)

The first skin care product will be the SAS Soap. If you’re the type of Bella who is prone to acnes and oily skin, then this product may be just the right one for you. This SAS Soap is speficially designed to combat acne-causing bacteria and minimize oiliness. Note, this is for face use only. If your concern is a dry skin, you may use this soap once a day , or if you have an oily skin just like me, you may use this soap twice a day (take note, this is only for morning and evening use if you need to use it twice).

You may also prefer to use the Tea Tree Soap (I don’t have an image of this kind of soap since I prefer to buy the SAS Soap only for the mean time).

Flawless Pore Refiner Toner   Price: Php290
Flawless Pore Refiner Toner (Price: Php290)

Second skin care product that a Bella could use is the Pore Refiner Toner (this is for those whose skin problems focus on pores and oily skin). This pore refiner toner is mostly made of alcohol and it is designed to help reduce the appearance of large pores and this is also suitable for oily skin.

As on how to use the product, apply this Pore Refiner Toner on your face using cotton balls after washing. Just like the first product discussed or mentioned, this is for morning and evening use only.

Flawless Skin Protect Gel   Price: Php290
Flawless Skin Protect Gel (Price: Php290)

Last but definitely not the least, is the Skin Protect Gel, which I also bought for Php290. Like any other skin care product, this skin protect gel is also made of ethyl alcohol. It is designed to help protect a Bella’s skin from being damaged by the harmful UV rays of the sun, especially when they’re leaving the house at either morning or noon time to travel to their office or even to go school. This Flawless skin care product is more suitable for those who have oily and acne-prone skin.

When using this product, apply evenly on areas that are exposed to the sun which is more specifically your face. Re-apply this skin protect gel to maintain protection from the sun, most especially after sweating, swimming or toweling.

This skin protect gel could come in handy for Bella’s to bring along with them, especially when they’re travelling to a province or elsewhere.

You could buy yours at Flawless Face and Body Clinic nearest your location.

That’s all for today, Bella’s! Stay tuned on my next product review. 🙂



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A Review on Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Acnes? Pores? Blockheads and other problems that you’re facing? Guys, there’s no need to worry as Flawless Face and Body Clinic is here to answer your problem. Whether you’re a male or a female, you can avail of this company’s service.

But first, let me give you a bit of info or background of the company.

Background Story of Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Flawless Face and Body Clinic has been known or referred to as an aesthetic beauty clinic for face, body and even medical services here in the Philippines and they have been serving for 15 years already. This aesthetic beauty clinic was well received by local markets and expanded to over 45 clinics located in major malls nationwide, with their well-trained and experienced skin professionals.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic grows its business further in providing beauty solutions for consumers with their product lines. This brand stands stronger with its aesthetic breakthroughs, clinic expansion, exceptional customer service and even outstanding achievements in the beauty industry, led by its CEO, Ms. Rubby Sy. This aesthetic beauty clinic was awarded as an Outstanding Retailer of the Year twice in the year 2009 and 2012. Ms. Rubby Sy was recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) for her exceptional use of various media to heighten the company’s prominence, leading her to earn the 2012 CEO Excel Award.

In line with this, Flawless Face and Body Clinic still continues to grow and bloom to its fullest potential with Filipino people in mind.

Services Offered by Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Now , we move on to their services. Flawless Face and Body Clinic offers different kinds of services such as peels, microdermabrasion, facials, hair removal, medical and even body services.

One of their services I availed of was the classic facial (of course, this was upon doctor’s consultation) with which I used a voucher that I won from joining the game in the last Belle de Jour event so I got a free facial service. Before I proceeded with the service, the doctor informed what this kind of service is about and how its procedure will be. Classic facial is designed to clarify and refine every individual’s skin by relaxing facial nerves and muscles, improving blood circulations and removing impurities.

The doctor also recommended some of the products that would be more fit for me to use such as the tea tree soap, toner, erythromycin and sun block (this should be applied 30 minutes before going out or whenever you plan to leave your house). The doctor’s recommendation may differ and depend on the concerns you’re facing.

One of the procedures that the aesthetician added to my facial service was the fractional needling. It did hurt a bit , especially when the needle touches every part of my face, but I’d say it was worth it, especially if it leaves a desirable effect.  I was reminded or informed that I could wash my face the day after .

Products Available


We proceed now to the products being sold at this clinic. Well, they have a lot and their products include Age Defy Toner, Acne Control Kit, Pore Refiner, Skin Protect Cream, Shape & Sculpt L-Carnitine, Skin Whitening Soap, Skin Protect Gel, Pimple Clear Astringent and some of their most recent items which also includes the Age Defy Toner, Flawless Whitening Kit , Age Defy Cream and Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunblock. They also have the Skin Protection Mist.


To say that I love their services would be an understatement, I was more satisfied since the staff there was friendly.





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Product Review: Flawless Skin Whitening Soap


I have started using Flawless Skin Whitening Soap ( one of the prize I’ve won from joining in the games during the BDJ Rendezvous event). What I love about it is its effect on my skin as well as its pinkish color. I feel beautiful inside and out after using this product. Every Bella’s beauty begins here at Flawless. Who wouldn’t be satisfied with this product for the effects it leaves?