Spooktacular Weekend at BDJ Passion Series – Flawlessly Ethereal

Flawless Head Office

Last Saturday’s event was a blast – Bellas had fun revamping their Halloween makeup peg that they want to re-create, as well as learned techniques on taking care of their skin.


The event was hosted by one of the BDJ Team or members who started the program with an icebreaker or Halloween trivia and asked some questions relating to Halloween or scary movies.

MS. Chyla sharing her tips on Halloween Makeup
MS. Chyla sharing her tips on Halloween Makeup

The first talk was spearheaded by NYX Professional Makeup Philippines’ make up artist, Ms. Chyla Guerrero who taught us the basics as well as the tips and tricks in doing our Halloween makeup while demonstrating the steps. She reminded us to start by cleansing our face and moisturize before putting on our makeup as to prevent clogging and oiliness –this is one way of taking good care of our skin.

Another tip she shared to us, Bellas, was to start with the lighter shade first before applying the darker shade. It’s also important that we make sure that we pick on a little makeup to test if it work well for our skin so that we don’t make ourselves look funny.

with Ms Chyla Guerrero
with Ms Chyla Guerrero

Bellas had the chance to take photos with Ms. Chyla Guerrero after having shared her tips on revamping our Halloween look. Also, three lucky Bellas got the chance to be picked for the raffle prize – Free Flawless Rejuvelite Mask.


We had our short break before the next inspirational talk by Ms. Renee of Flawless. The food was mouth-watering and fulfilling to every Bella’s hungry stomach. They served baked macaroni, chicken lollipop, sandwich, barbecue and brownies matched with iced tea.

Tips on taking care of your skin and having a Flawlessly Ethereal Halloween makeup

The second inspirational talk started shortly after we had our snack. Ms. Renee shared on how every Bella can take care of their flawless skin –cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize. She also shared to us the kinds of services they offer in their clinic as well as their products.


Here are at least three facial services offered:

Age Defy Facial – It lifts skin and boosts its natural moisture levels and collagen production.

Flawless White Facial – Brings a radiant glow to the skin.

All Natural White Facial –immediately lightens, smoothens and rejuvenates skin using all natural ingredients.

Aside from the facial, they also do other services such as Beauty Drip, Power Drip, Thermolift , Acculift and so on..

beauty drip.jpg
Beauty Drip

Beauty Drip –Each infusion of this beauty drip contains high doses of anti-free radical vitamins which include Vitamin C, B complex and Glutathione. This service helps the body recover from stress and environmental damage. This is the favorite of most celebrities.

power drip
Power Drip

Power Drip—An intravenous infusion procedure containing a cocktail of nutrients designed to boost energy levels, increase stamina, provide stress defense and support the immune system. This service or treatment is perfect to athletes.

Fractional Needling Therapy or FNT

Fractional Needling Therapy or FNT for Acne/Acne Scars—This treatment helps reach deeper layers of the skin to rejuvenate, resurface new skin and infuse effective and safe serums that lift, smoothen, lighten refine and restore the youth and radiance back to the skin.


Thermolift –This treatment or service uses grid fractional radio frequency energy to deliver deep dermal heat and collagen remodeling to improve facial skin, tone and texture. Thermolift is exclusively available at Flawless Eastwood and SM Megamall.


Acculift –This service uses absorbable threads to lift and tighten skin as well as stimulate collagen formation resulting to smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. Acculift also helps to contour and enhance facial features.

Cream lipstick from NYX
I got the Amethyst Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Bellas get to take home a cream lipstick from NYX Professional Makeup Philippines after handing over the completed survey or evaluation form before they leave the premises.

Also, I’ve got to have another photo taken with Ms. Chyla Guerrero and Ms. Renee before I left.

So glad to have these giveaways from Flawless and NYX Professional Makeup Philippines.


By the way, their setup was really nice when  I took a short look inside the office before the event.  I commend this venue


Mind Sync Project

What Mind Sync Project Is

Mind Synchronization or Mind Sync for short, is a project or undertaking by The Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. and Brilliant Mind Corporation, with the purpose of facilitating a program called Mid-Brain Activation which is a method of helping an individual enhance the function of his/her middle brain by means of activities and learning techniques, and is conducted in a 2-day workshop or seminar. This kind of training or program caters to individuals who are ages 6 to 16 years old as they can be easily trained and adapt to new ways of learning. An active Mid-brain synchronizes the left and right brain functions, giving the brain more power to process.

Benefits of Mind Sync Project

Individuals who would go through this kind of training may develop the skill of reading and identifying letters, numbers and colors while they are blindfolded. Mid-Brain Activation helps your child enhance his/her concentration & memory, as well as creativity, boost confidence, always maintain the Genius Mind Learning State, and manage emotions.