Mind Sync Project

What Mind Sync Project Is

Mind Synchronization or Mind Sync for short, is a project or undertaking by The Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. and Brilliant Mind Corporation, with the purpose of facilitating a program called Mid-Brain Activation which is a method of helping an individual enhance the function of his/her middle brain by means of activities and learning techniques, and is conducted in a 2-day workshop or seminar. This kind of training or program caters to individuals who are ages 6 to 16 years old as they can be easily trained and adapt to new ways of learning. An active Mid-brain synchronizes the left and right brain functions, giving the brain more power to process.

Benefits of Mind Sync Project

Individuals who would go through this kind of training may develop the skill of reading and identifying letters, numbers and colors while they are blindfolded. Mid-Brain Activation helps your child enhance his/her concentration & memory, as well as creativity, boost confidence, always maintain the Genius Mind Learning State, and manage emotions.