Perks of a Bella Experience x Revlon


Bonjour, Bellas!

It’s been a month long that I haven’t posted a blog entry about my perks of a Bella coupon experience since rarely do I get a chance to use up one. So, yesterday, I used up my Revlon coupon to enjoy a 25% discount off any colors or shades from their lipstick.


I chose one of their lipstick which was the Super Lustrous lippie with a shade of red (my favorite color) and availed of a 25% discount. Lippies are really one of my beauty essentials, being a kikay Bella that I am. I bought this at a department store in Robinson’s Galleria.

I bought the lippie at a discounted price from Php 350 to Php 262.50. I plan to add this to my kikay collection.  I’ve just marked another coupon off from my coupon tracker.

Till my next coupon experience again, Bella’s!



A Sneak Peek on A Bella’s Kikay Kit


Bonjour Bellas!

This is my first time to blog about my kikay kit and its contents. Being a kikay Bella, I certainly can’t leave home without my cosmetic kit or makeup as it is a must to bring it along with me wherever I go, whether parties, events, tapings/shootings or even a simple bonding with family and friends.

So, here’s what my kikay kit contains:

L.A. Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss  (Price: P399)

Of course , no Bella would ever want to leave the house with a pale-looking lip. This is one of the must haves for every kikay Bella . We want our lips to be a bit reddish and kissable.I bought this matte lippie from L.A. Girls at Robinson’s Galleria while strolling around the mall and waiting for my sister to get her hair treatment done.

Deluxe Eyeshadow
Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette

This eye-shadow palette was just given to me by a friend as a Christmas gift last year. It comes with an eye-shadow applicator.Want to try applying  smoky eye type of eye-shadow sooner or later.

LOL Liquid Foundation Price: P299
LOL Liquid Foundation (Price: P299)

I bought this liquid foundation at LCC Mall (Ligao , Albay) for P299 . This was one of the necessities I brought along with me when I attended or watched Mr. Ogie Alcasid’s concert in Legazpi City.

Oriental Princess blush-on powder
Oriental Princess blush-on powder

Just like the Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette, this blush on powder was also just given to me as a Christmas present, but by another school friend of mine. Every Bella wants a pinkish glow on her cheek for every event.

Flawless Skin Protect Gel  Price: P290
Flawless Skin Protect Gel (Price: P290)

I’ve just recently bought this skin protect gel from Flawless Face and Body Clinic for 290 Php. Aside from wanting to have a beautiful face, a Bella also needs to protect her flawless skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Shawil Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer Price: P99
Shawil Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer Price: (P99)

Stay flawless and beautiful with Shawil’s 15-hour face primer. This is the first step that Bella’s must keep in mind when applying on makeup. Face primer goes first before a liquid foundation followed by other makeup or cosmetics. With Shawil’s 15-hour face primer, a Bella can enjoy a long-lasting hour wearing her makeup.

I bought this 15-hour face primer from Watson’s at SM Aura Premier branch.

So that’s all for the sneak peek of my kikay kit, Bella’s! You can share a sneak peek of your kikay kit too! 🙂

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A Time With My Sister

Earlier this morning, I went out with my sister and accompanied her in having her hair makeover at the salon located inside the mall. I wore this as my outfit of the day: white shirt, black leggings, vest from Folded and Hung and black fitflops. Wearing vest is my fashion statement.

Upon our arrival at Robinson’s Galleria, we headed straight first to Starbucks where we stayed for the meantime since the mall is still closed. I had mocha frap while my sister had chocolate banana frap and French toast, which we just shared.

Exactly when we were already done with our food, we went inside the mall and headed to the salon (Envy Me) where my sister was scheduled an appointment for her hair rebond- the rebond thing started at 10:30 am .. after some hours of watching the hairstylist adding some treatment to her hair, I was starting to get a bit bored and sleepy so I decided to read a magazine then go outside and stroll around the mall for a bit. I happened to pass by at this store – Y.R.Y.S (Your Rule Your Style and something just caught my attention – a floral crown. I decided to buy one since I feel that I might be needing this for our practice for the taping/guesting in one of the shows– this song was the one we, the AATA Teen Girls, sang during the recital.

After buying a head accessory and continuing to stroll by some boutique stores and book store as well, I went back to the salon to check if my sister was half-way done. This time, a hair-color treatment is being applied by the stylist. She just gave me some money to go buy some snacks for us.. so I went out again of the salon and went down all the way to a milk tea store that sells food as well — Serenitea.

I ordered hash-brown and chicken chops, as well as Honey Lemon Tea for me. I took another photo of the venue and myself while waiting for the drink and food to be served. The barista there approached me and told me that hash-brown is unfortunately unavailable as of the moment, so I ordered chicken chops for me as well and added payment for that. The Honey Lemon Tea was the first one that was served… so I took a picture of myself holding the Honey Lemon Tea that I ordered (it’s like I am endorsing their product or something). At long last, the foods were already being served so I went back once again to the salon to give the other food to my sister, who was already hungry as well as I am.

The hair rebond lasted for like 5 hours– I was getting quite bored and sleepy again that time doing nothing there at the salon so I keep on going out and strolling around the mall going window shopping and not spending anymore money for the day. I just did it to amuse myself than be stuck at a certain place without anything much to do.


Can’t get enough of vests

Collecting vests has been one of my hobbies or past time lately, especially when it comes to fashion. I just love collecting many vests nowadays, especially either plain or with designs like stripes. Girls wearing vests have become trendy too lately for their fashion style.

I , for one, find it fun and cool to wear vest, whether during sunny or cold season. It has become my fashion statement for now. Like any other teenagers, I would love to wear vests at almost any other place and shop for many as I could.

Cause I just can’t get enough of vests, I would shop for more with my friends whenever I have the time to bond with them (during summer) , or even with my family members. For me, a collection of vest is a must-have , a plain white or black shirt would go better with it

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The Perks of Wearing Statement T-Shirts

Sometimes, it’s just better to let your t-shirt do the talking…when you can’t say a word .

Statement t-shirts have become a craze to some people, even teenagers/college students and sometimes, even us. We would probably see them around in tiangge/shopping stalls or even in department stores in the malls. Some statement shirts may be about self-confidence and self-esteem, freedom, and other statement you may be seeing on those shirts. But there are also some statements that may seem offensive to people who might read it so people really have to be extra careful on what statement t-shirts they buy or wear when going out.

   Some people love to wear statement t-shirts just for the hell of it or expressing themselves. Well, I consider myself a fan of statement t-shirts too, especially when I can’t express myself, I just let my t-shirt do the talking. Like : “I’m Cool , I’m Hot.. You Ain’t Coz You’re Not..” or even “Please Don’t Make Me Unfriend You (I’ll Do It I Swear)


Girls in Male Clothes

Who says that girls can’t wear male clothes?

Some girls nowadays wear or get dressed in male clothes not because they wanted to be a man but because they find it more comfortable to dress that way than wear dresses or gowns. Rarely would you also see some of them wearing girly accessories like hair pins and headbands but rather some sorts of caps like berets, fedora hats, beanie, etc.

It’s been a fashion trend for girls, especially our generation, to wear this kind of outfit, even when going out with our circle of friends or what we call barkadas. You would see lots of girls dressed like that whether in some formal events, casual friendly dates with girl friends or whatever occasion it is that they have. Need I say more?

I consider myself to be that kind of girl who loves to be dressed in male clothes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I wanted to become a manly person, but because I find it more comfortable to wear. You would rarely see me wearing dresses and girly accessories, except when needed to.