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Unforgettable Recital

Last Sunday, June 8, 2014, the “Summer Heat, Summer Rain” Summer Camp Recital was held at Robinson’s Metro East where the AATA students (PA Batch 6 and 7 – kids and teens/adults) performed together. They wore different costumes for each ‘number’ they performed. Students were called to come at the venue  by 10 am for their rehearsals and preparation for the mall show at 3 pm. The first rehearsal done was the “Summer Is Over” which is the finale number of the AATA students, including the blocking and bowing as well. It took a lot of rehearsing before the students executed the performance. It was not only the finale number that was being rehearsed, but also the ramp modeling , the singing of “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” to be performed by AATA Teen Girls as well as “Best In Me” to be performed by AATA Teen Boys, followed by the dance number from the PA Batch 6 and 7.

    During the show itself, the parade of students served as the opening number where students will do a runway walk on the stage as their names are being called (with their achievements being read by the hosts) , followed by the solo performances of students : 1) Shooting Star, Tonight Mash Up , Talk Dirty, etc.). The AATA teen girls wore floral dress and doll shoes for their “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” performance and the boys wore their own attire as they sing “Best In Me” . After every performance done, the students went at the backstage to change their costumes and put some retouch of makeup.

   What made these recital unforgettable was the dance performance itself where everyone from the Batch 6 and 7 showed teamwork and determination in performing well.





“Summer Is Over” dance rehearsal

“Halo/Walking On Sunshine” performed by AATA Teen Girls

“Shot Me Down” Dance Number by PA Batch 6

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