My Summer Plans For This Year 2017


Hi, Bella’s!

Have you decided on what to do or include in your summer plans? Vacation at a beach, celebrate birthdays or simple bonding moments with your family and friends and so on?

Here are some of my summer plans for this year 2017:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

1) Read good books  –  Being an avid reader of books, I’m including this in my summer plan. Reading books increases knowledge. From my book collections, I love to pick out Les Miserables written by Victor Hugo. Adding to my book collections will be the Wattpad books , some of them written by different authors.

Summer time can also be a good time for students to spend time reading a lot of books, especially if they want to become writers soon after they graduate.

Les Miserable, 2014
Les Miserables Manila at the Solaire Theater

2) Watch musical plays (if there’s any)  – Aside from being a wide reader of books, one of my plans this summer is to watch as many musical plays as I can, if there’s any musical play that’s showing right here in Manila. It’s just too sad that I missed out on the Les Miserables musical play held at the Solaire Theater last year. I hope they would have another one this year.

Another musical play that I want to watch is Wicked.


3) Travel – Nothing beats a summer plan better than traveling, whether just to spend vacation at a province or abroad and exploring new places. One of the few places I wanted to visit is France – I’d love to see its beauty and of course, the famous Eiffel Tower. I’d also love to see the places where the scenes of Les Miserables took place –the barricades, Café Musain and everything. Not to mention, learning their culture while having fun in exploring France.

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4) Celebrate My Birthday

Okay, I’m not denying this. One of the things I’m most excited about during summer is my birthday celebration and I plan to celebrate it with my loved ones – my AATA family, my own family and my friends. I also plan to use up my Perks of a Bella coupon for Goldilocks when buying my cake using my own budget.


5) Attend as many BDJ events as I can

Being a Bella, I also want to attend as many BDJ events as I can –from BDJ Rendezvous up to the BDJ Fair and be an active Bella all throughout the year. I just wonder when the next BDJ event will be .

Flawless White Regular Facial Treatment
Flawless White Regular Facial Treatment

6) Finish my facial sessions at Flawless

This summer, I’m hoping to finish up all my 7 facial sessions at Flawless. Last Saturday, April 1, 2017 was my third facial session for this year and I plan to go all the way through the 7th one to achieve my skin goals.

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7) Enroll in an Acting or Performing Arts Workshop Class

Being an individual who wants to showcase my talents, I also include enrolling in a workshop class which caters Acting or Performing Arts (this already includes Acting, Voice and Dance).

Remembering Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria’s words from the BDJ Women’s Summit last March 25 , I learned that to turn my dreams to a reality, I must take a massive action. I really love to perform and since this is really my desire or dream, I can’t just dream or wait for that thing to happen, I must act on it.

That concludes my summer plans for this year 2017. What’s yours?



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Life In AATA

Enrolling in Asian Academy of Television Arts (AATA) is one of the best experience I have had this year 2014, taking up the course of Performing Arts (acting, voice and dance). In the first place, I should really have been in the Creative Scriptwriting course, which my parents would want me to enroll in since writing has been my forte, but my passion lies more in Performing Arts as I would want to try out a different course other than just writing.

Asian Academy of Television Arts is a school that offers training courses for individuals who aspire to be a production professional or a performing artist. For those who dream of becoming a TV production manager or scriptwriter, there are Creative Television Production wherein students learn about how it is to manage a TV production as well as be prepared to work in some of its aspects while in Creative Scriptwriting for Television, students get to learn about the different formats of scriptwriting and to develop their craft or skills in this course.

As for those aspiring actors/actress, singers, and dancers, Performing Arts would be a good choice to take as it allows you to explore your hidden talent and discover the “performer” in you. It’s time to get out of that shell or what we call “comfort zone” and bring out the best in you.

Other than these mentioned courses, special module classes are also being offered such as Modelling and Personality Development which helps students learn the basics of modelling and even develop their personality , Eric Morris Acting System, and Keyboard and Guitar lessons. There’s also Geleen Eugenio’s Dance Workshop which involves Modern dance (open for kids and adults), Hip Hop (kids, beginners, advance), Zumba, K-Pop, Belly Dancing and Latin Dance.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. There are also photo shoots, exposure trips (e.g. Sunday All Stars, Eat Bulaga, Talentadong Pinoy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, etc.) and recital. I could say that enrolling in Asian Academy of Television Arts was really worth it. Not only does it help you in learning many things about working in the field of television or performing, but also, it helps you learn to socialize as well with other people.

Photos of my memorable experience/life in AATA

A. Performing Arts class

 Acting class with T. Upeng (Lesson/s learned: “Let go of your inhibitions”, “Don’t limit yourself”) 

 Voice class with T.Paul/T. Citas (Lesson learned : “Do not think that others will laugh at you because of your voice.”/ “Do not be ashamed of your voice.”) 

Dance class with T. Jomelle 

 (Lesson/s learned: “Tempo is an important part of dance” ; “Focus more on flexibility”/”Think and believe that you can do it”)

B. Modelling/Photoshoot, Exposure Trips, etc. 

 Modelling and Photo shoot

 Exposure Trips


C. Rehearsal and Recital Pics

 Rehearsals (June 2, 4 and 6, 2014)

 Recital (June 8, 2014 at Robinson’s Metro East)

D. Get-Together Party (June 14, 2014)

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Unforgettable Recital

Last Sunday, June 8, 2014, the “Summer Heat, Summer Rain” Summer Camp Recital was held at Robinson’s Metro East where the AATA students (PA Batch 6 and 7 – kids and teens/adults) performed together. They wore different costumes for each ‘number’ they performed. Students were called to come at the venue  by 10 am for their rehearsals and preparation for the mall show at 3 pm. The first rehearsal done was the “Summer Is Over” which is the finale number of the AATA students, including the blocking and bowing as well. It took a lot of rehearsing before the students executed the performance. It was not only the finale number that was being rehearsed, but also the ramp modeling , the singing of “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” to be performed by AATA Teen Girls as well as “Best In Me” to be performed by AATA Teen Boys, followed by the dance number from the PA Batch 6 and 7.

    During the show itself, the parade of students served as the opening number where students will do a runway walk on the stage as their names are being called (with their achievements being read by the hosts) , followed by the solo performances of students : 1) Shooting Star, Tonight Mash Up , Talk Dirty, etc.). The AATA teen girls wore floral dress and doll shoes for their “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” performance and the boys wore their own attire as they sing “Best In Me” . After every performance done, the students went at the backstage to change their costumes and put some retouch of makeup.

   What made these recital unforgettable was the dance performance itself where everyone from the Batch 6 and 7 showed teamwork and determination in performing well.





“Summer Is Over” dance rehearsal

“Halo/Walking On Sunshine” performed by AATA Teen Girls

“Shot Me Down” Dance Number by PA Batch 6

Extra pics…/shots

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Better Ways to Make Your Summer Vacation Productive

Summer vacation is here again. Got nothing to do much at home other than spending your time in front of the computer? There are better ways to make your summer time productive like enrolling in workshops that will help enhance your skills or studying a foreign language.

Lights, camera and… action! Wanting to unleash your artistic side? Dreaming of becoming a stage actor/actress someday? Then I recommend taking up Performing Arts in workshops like AATA (Asian Academy of Television Arts) or PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). Enrolling in this workshop will not only help you learn about the basics of acting, singing and even dancing, but it will also bring out the best in you and develop your personality.

Love posing and walking down the runway? Modeling workshops would probably be the best one to attend to. Recommended places for enrolling in this workshop are either John Robert Powers or even AATA (under the special module category).

For those who dream of becoming the next Ricky Lee or other known scriptwriters, then UP Film Institute is the best place for you to visit and enroll in one of their workshops. There are many other recommended workshops waiting out there for those who wanted to make their summer time productive.

As for the fresh graduates, applying for a part-time job or internship would be a better way to spend your summer time with, not only do you earn money, but you also would already have an experience on how it’s like working in a certain company.