A Revolution, You Say?

What’s happening in the Philippine government right now is a serious matter. Some or most government officials are becoming corrupt, some of them are using the money of the people for their personal purpose.. How could these people do such a thing and enjoy spending the money of those people while they are out on the streets starving to death? What’s there to enjoy about watching these people having no permanent place to stay… seeing kids out sleeping on the streets, the sidewalks or even at the overpass? What’s with all these government officials, being involved in such scams and crimes?

   “Look down and show some mercy if you can! Look down! Look down! Upon your fellow man..” – people of Paris against the French Monarchy (Les Miserables)

    The same goes here in the Philippine setting.. to those corrupt government officials, I hope you learn someday when you soon face the consequences of what your doing, especially the corrupt practices.

    If Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution, is still alive up to this time, he would have continued fighting for the poor and hold the Revolution against the government. Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero, would have done the same thing. He revolted not with the use of arms, but with a pen and a paper way back during the time our country was colonized by Spain, exposing the abuses of the Spanish government.  Enough with the cruelty and usury of these people’s money, enough with all the corruption. Down with those who monopolize the government! Long live the Philippines!

Just like one of the fictional character, Enjolras, would have said.. “The colors of the world are changing day by day.”

YES.. that’s it! Everything changes here in the Philippines, but was it a change for the better? NO! It changed for the worst , instead. Now is not the time for playing silly games , especially when it’s about the corrupt practices of the government. If France is Enjolras’s  ‘Patria’, so is Philippines our ‘Patria’ and we ourselves must do everything to make a great change and end this corrupt practice…save ‘Patria’ !

        “Red..the blood of angry men! Black..the dark of ages past.. Red, a world about to dawn! Black the night that ends at last!” – Red and Black (Les Miserables)

            Way back during the time we were still colonized by the Spanish government and cruelly ruled by them, our national hero …undaunted by the fears he had before he was executed, bravely faced his death just for the sake of his fellow Filipino people during his execution in Bagumbayan. When Andres Bonifacio heard of Dr. Jose Rizal’s fate, he lead the Revolution, causing lots of spillage of blood of those men on the Philippine soil. They haven’t died in vain for they fought for our country. 

   “Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums…there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!”

      We are not to let ourselves become slaves to the corrupt practice of the government officials.. let the song from Les Mis become a music in us as well. We are those angry men crying out for freedom and we fight for a better life here in Philippines.


End Corruption

Philippine Revolution way back during 1896