Knowing Your Personality Type

Are you more of a Type A, Type B, Type AB or type O personality? (Also, Type A, B , C or D personality and more of it.)

Some people get really curious with what their personality types are, even me. That’s why I’ve decided to research to determine what type of personality I do have. There may be times that people may have one or both personality types.

In one of the sources I have found, which article is titled: “Type A Personality” written by Saul McLeod, people with type A personality are said to be: 1) very competitive or self-critical wherein they do strive towards their goal but they don’t feel any sense of enjoyment in their every effort or accomplishment; 2) they are in a constant sense of urgency like they don’t consider tardiness or being late as an option and get very impatient when the work gets delayed and time is being wasted, they get tight with schedules , do multi-tasking and 3) they tend to get easily angry and arouse to hostility (without obviously showing it).

As against type A personality, people with Type B personality tend to be more relaxed, do one thing at a time, and they express how they really feel.

This test was conducted by Friedmann & Rosenman who are both cardiologists wherein they found out that people who are of Type A are more at risk for stress-related illness like heart disease and high blood pressure than are those people with Type B.

In another article I’ve researched, entitled “Understanding the 4 Personality Types” , here are the comparison and contrasts of people with personality type A, B, C and D.

People with Type A personality like to take charge and control over everything. They dislike, or should I say, hate the thought of being restrained or restricted. They would rather want to work independently and have their own schedule. People with this type of personality get bored with repetitive work instead of enjoying it and they are more likely to be in a supervisory position and management work. They also do have the possibility of owning a business.

People with Type B personality, on the other hand, are said or known to be extroverts, full of energy, and a fast paced individual with a love for being around people and gaining attention, moreover, they build good relationships and are easily liked by other people around them. The downside, however, is that they tend to become self-centered and full of themselves

In another research I have done, the article was titled “Understanding the 4 Personality Types” , these are the ones I have learned.

Personality Type A: Like to take charge or control over everything, not very detail-oriented but rather goal-oriented, don’t like being restrained or restricted but rather prefer working independently and setting their own schedules, tend to become workaholic, impatient at times, mostly like to be in a supervisory position or management work or even own a business someday, easily gets bored with repetitive tasks

Personality Type B: An extrovert, has a lot of energy and works fast. An individual with this personality type likes to be around everyone and be the center of their attention. The downside is, they tend to become self-centered which some people may find very unpleasant. They are known to be good relationship builders and are liked by everyone. They fear public humiliation and disapproval from everyone. Strengths of a person with Type B include enthusiasm, their outgoing behavior, friendliness, and ability to persuade other people (yes, even the skeptical ones) while their weaknesses include impatience, having a relatively short attention span, tend to spend time for more social interaction than they do for work.

Personality type C: a very detail-oriented person with a love for accuracy, rationality and logic. A person or individual with this type of personality dislikes people who lack control over their emotions and believe that being too much expressive or displaying a lot of emotions becomes a distraction or difficulty of being objective, nor do they also like people who would only present facts rather than the accuracy and logic. The downside of a person with type C personality is that he or she tends to become controlling, both himself or herself and that of other people around. People with this personality type are more likely to become accountants and lawyers.

Personality type D: People with this personality type are more likely to take things slow and one at a time. They seek security and longevity on their job, as well as reassurance from other people around them. They prefer doing repetitive tasks and are resistant to changes. People who are of this personality also seek sincere admiration, acceptance and respect from other people and are willing to work hard for those who appreciate them for their every effort. They are also known for being organized and are good at playing supportive roles to their colleagues/co-workers and show care, thoughtfulness and compassion. These are the ones who would patiently listen to your concerns and persevere even though those around them are on the verge of giving up or already have given up. Moreover, people with a type D personality are more likely to conceal their true feelings and less expressive.

In the last article I’ve read in my research, entitled “Blood Type Reveals Personality” from in5d Alternative News, our blood type reveals our personalities (even the bright and dark aspects). It also tells of our compatibility with that of the other blood types.

Blood Type A bright side/best traits: conservative, reserved, introverted, patient and punctual; dark side/worst traits: obsessive, stubborn, self-conscious and uptight

Compatibility: Type A and AB

Blood Type B bright side/best traits: creative, passionate, animal-loving, optimistic, flexible, and individualistic; dark side/worst traits: forgetful, irresponsible and self-centered

Compatibility: Type B and AB

Blood Type AB bright side/best traits: cool, controlled, introverted, and empathic; dark side/worst traits: aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving

Compatibility: Type AB, B, A and O

Blood Type O bright side/best traits: ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident; dark side/worst traits: arrogant, vain, insensitive and ruthless

Compatibility: Type O and AB