A Short Spiel (Conversation Type)


Abi:  Hi ____________ , good afternoon and welcome to  Asian Academy of Television Arts.  I’m Abigail.  Is there anything I can help you with?

___________ :  Hi  Ms. Abigail, good afternoon. I’m Tonee .  I would like to inquire regarding the school and the courses offered.

Abi : Hi Ms. Tonee.  Asian Academy of Television Arts is a specialty school which caters to an individual’s needs by offering training courses that would train his/her knowledge and skills when it comes to entertainment industry, as well as helping one boost up his/her personality, confidence and ability to socialize with other people.  Courses offered are Creative Scriptwriting, Performing Arts (Acting, Voice and Dance), Keyboard and Guitar Lessons , Eric Morris Acting System, and more.

Tonee:  I want to learn how to ramp like a model.  Is there a course being offered for those who want to become one?

Abi:  Yes, Ms. Tonee. We also offer Modelling courses. Aside from the courses mentioned before, we also do have Language Proficiency, Personality Enhancement, Voice One-On-One, Mind Sync and other courses, depending on the client’s needs. These are categorized as special module classes.

Tonee:  What do I get from enrolling in any of these workshop or training courses? Is there any requirement such as good singing voice or experience in acting?

Abi: The school will help in training you to develop your personality through means of intensive lectures and hands on sessions on which course you decide to take. I also used to be a shy type of individual before until I enrolled here at AATA. I learned what it is like to perform in front of an audience, as well as working in the field of television industry. Enrolling here at AATA also helped me learn to step out of my comfort zone and socialize with other people.  You will really learn a lot from here.

Tonee:  That’s very nice to hear. Last question,  how do I pay for the course that I plan to take here at AATA?  Are there any requirements I need to accomplish?

Abi:  Payment can be done either through installment basis or you can simply deposit through BDO. You can visit AATA and present a 2×2 ID picture, an accomplished admission form,  and transcript of records.

Tonee:  Thank you,  Ms. Abigail

Abi:  Is there anything else I can help you with?

Tonee: That’s all . Thank you again and have a nice day

Abi: You’re welcome and have a nice day too.





Taping Experiences

A. Wattpad Presents: We’re Married

Starring : Jennica Garcia, Alwyn Uytingco, Dianne Hernandez, IC Mendoza and Markki Stroem

Role: Student

My first taping experience for this year. This was located in Victoneta Ave. Araneta Village Malabon City.
This stars Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco as the main cast together with the rest of my AATA friends

Reflection on this experience: Since it was my first time to experience this taping project, I realize that I need to know what usually happens and how this is done so I decided to observe first.

B. Wattpad Presents: A Rose Between Two Thorns

Starring : Donnalyn Bartolome, Akihiro Blanco, Joshua Dionisio , Malak So Al-Shidfat and Czarinna Isabel Suzara

Role: Student

Second taping experience which then sets place at a school . This stars social media sweetheart Ms. Donnalyn Bartolome and Mr. Akihiro Blanco together with Mr. Joshua Dionisio.

Reflection on this experience: Despite having my shoes worn out for the second time , I enjoyed this taping together with my AATA friends. It’s a good thing we get to have a nap while waiting for our turn to be called for the next scene. I also learned to be prepared with everything, most especially with the costumes or wardrobe that’s being required.

C. Wattpad Presents: Wrong Number

Starring : Mark Neumann, Eula Caballero, Christian Samson, Dianne Medina, Helga Krapf and Via Patricia Aurigue

Role: Fans/Crowd/Passersby/Audience

Reflection: Third taping experience so far. When it comes to changing outfits , talents have to double time. Being late is never an option. More over, be prepared and equipped with wardrobe requirements. It’s also my first time to work with Mark Neumann. He’s nice and friendly towards his co-actors.

D. Wattpad Presents: Iska Ispiritista

Starring : Martin Escudero , Monica Cuenco, Anja Aguilar, Debraliz Borres, Claire Ruiz, EJ Jallorina, Ryan Yllana and Cai Cortez

Role: Crowd

Reflection: Though my role as a ghost was canceled, it was still okay. It’s better to exert an effort than not having been prepared at all.

E. Wattpad Presents: Mysterious Guy At The Coffee Shop

Starring : Vin Abrenica, Yassi Pressman, JC Parker and Giovanni Baldisseri

Role: Crowd

Reflection: Always double time in changing outfits. Be quiet once the scene starts being taken / actors start staying their lines. No unnecessary movements. Be attentive and listen to what the director tells you to do.









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Life In AATA

Enrolling in Asian Academy of Television Arts (AATA) is one of the best experience I have had this year 2014, taking up the course of Performing Arts (acting, voice and dance). In the first place, I should really have been in the Creative Scriptwriting course, which my parents would want me to enroll in since writing has been my forte, but my passion lies more in Performing Arts as I would want to try out a different course other than just writing.

Asian Academy of Television Arts is a school that offers training courses for individuals who aspire to be a production professional or a performing artist. For those who dream of becoming a TV production manager or scriptwriter, there are Creative Television Production wherein students learn about how it is to manage a TV production as well as be prepared to work in some of its aspects while in Creative Scriptwriting for Television, students get to learn about the different formats of scriptwriting and to develop their craft or skills in this course.

As for those aspiring actors/actress, singers, and dancers, Performing Arts would be a good choice to take as it allows you to explore your hidden talent and discover the “performer” in you. It’s time to get out of that shell or what we call “comfort zone” and bring out the best in you.

Other than these mentioned courses, special module classes are also being offered such as Modelling and Personality Development which helps students learn the basics of modelling and even develop their personality , Eric Morris Acting System, and Keyboard and Guitar lessons. There’s also Geleen Eugenio’s Dance Workshop which involves Modern dance (open for kids and adults), Hip Hop (kids, beginners, advance), Zumba, K-Pop, Belly Dancing and Latin Dance.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. There are also photo shoots, exposure trips (e.g. Sunday All Stars, Eat Bulaga, Talentadong Pinoy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, etc.) and recital. I could say that enrolling in Asian Academy of Television Arts was really worth it. Not only does it help you in learning many things about working in the field of television or performing, but also, it helps you learn to socialize as well with other people.

Photos of my memorable experience/life in AATA

A. Performing Arts class

 Acting class with T. Upeng (Lesson/s learned: “Let go of your inhibitions”, “Don’t limit yourself”) 

 Voice class with T.Paul/T. Citas (Lesson learned : “Do not think that others will laugh at you because of your voice.”/ “Do not be ashamed of your voice.”) 

Dance class with T. Jomelle 

 (Lesson/s learned: “Tempo is an important part of dance” ; “Focus more on flexibility”/”Think and believe that you can do it”)

B. Modelling/Photoshoot, Exposure Trips, etc. 

 Modelling and Photo shoot

 Exposure Trips


C. Rehearsal and Recital Pics

 Rehearsals (June 2, 4 and 6, 2014)

 Recital (June 8, 2014 at Robinson’s Metro East)

D. Get-Together Party (June 14, 2014)