new year

2016-New Year, New Beginning

Year 2015 has passed…. it’s a brand new year with a new beginning. If I may just re-phrase the song “One Day More” from the musical Les Mis, I’d say it’s another year, another destiny, and another chapter unfolding.

Sure we may face another trial in our life, our never ending road to Calvary but there’s always hope that comes with it given by God and a strength to journey on throughout this year . Leave the past , especially negative ones. Live the dream instead of killing it. Listen to those positive voices rather than negative ones . Focus on your strengths and work on whatever it is you need to improve on. Don’t stop believing in yourself. Everything is possible.

There’s always a new beginning for everyone. This year is the sign we await to change ourselves and our attitude for the better. A new chance to work on improving whatever it is we need to improve . A chance to change our lifestyle and get rid of those vices we’ve been having for a very long time (smoking, drinking liquor, gambling… and so on- It is time to put all those bottles, cigarette sticks and cards down).