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My Ex and Whys: A Movie Review


This film centralizes on call center/blogger Calixta ‘Cali’ Ferrer (Liza Soberano) whose blog contents aim to lash out all her frustrations not only on her failed relationship with Sergio ‘Gio’ Martinez (Enrique Gil) and all other male beings , always starting with the question “Why?”. Cali’s frustration started when she witnessed her father (Emilio Garcia) ‘s unfaithfulness as he ditched her and her mother (Ara Mina) for another woman who seem to be younger and sexier, causing Cali to have trust issues when it comes to love and trust towards the opposite gender.

Gio, on the other hand, is now a changed man and started to set up his blog account with a blog name opposite to that of Cali’s (The Dahil List) , contradicting Cali’s blog post and apologizing to her and proving that not all men are cheaters and deserve to be given a second chance to change for the better.

My favorite lines or quotes from this movie are:

* “When you choose to love, dapat tapat. Kasi kung mahal mo, bakit mo sinasaktan?” – Cali Ferrer.

Basically, love is not just all about being too sweet towards each other, but being honest as well when it comes to relationship. How can you expect the person to put their trust in you when you’re not being honest with him/her as well? But sometimes, there are also some instances when we get hurt in the process of loving someone. We cannot avoid that. But just because you’re afraid to get hurt doesn’t mean that you should stop loving.

* “Di naman lahat ng lalaki , bad boy. Di naman lahat ng lalaki , sasaktan ka.”- Gio Martinez

Not all men are cheaters or bad guys. There are still some who are loyal and honest with the person they love. Not all men will hurt you.

* “Am I not enough? Pangit ba ako? Pangit ba katawan ko? Kapalit palit ba ako?”- Cali Ferrer

This may be the most depressing hugot line , not only for girls but also for boys. Both women and men have their own insecurities when it comes to physical appearances, but remember , it’s not our physical or outward appearance that matters the most but how we see and value ourselves.

* “Ano ang karapatan mong hingin ang bagay na ipinagkait mo?”- Lee

What right do we really have to ask for something which we , ourselves, denied to the person we love in the first place? We can’t ask for something that we ourselves denied , especially love and trust.

There are some best and worse parts in this film . My favorite parts or scenes from this film were the blog conference where Cali tells the audience to be truthful and honest when choosing to love someone, the part where Gio counters Cali’s blog post and proves that men can change for the better and not all men are cheaters, the trip to Korea where Cali, Gio and Lee fix everything that was ruined (plus we learned about the culture of Korea which is their traditional wedding custom) and the airport scene where Lee jokingly calls Cali a witch after she tearfully apologizes for messing up Lee’s wedding.

The worst parts, on the other hand, were the stag party scene where the girls hired by Cali and her friend hired go nude and seduced both Lee and Gio (thus causing a misunderstanding between Lee and his fiancée), unpleasant or rated SPG scenes, Cali and Gio quarrel through online and Cali gets bashed by Gio’s fans for being bitter.

Other Insights/Reflections/Critique on this film:
* Be honest with your loved ones.

* Not all men are cheaters. There are still many out there who can be loyal .

* You can’t ask for something you even denied (e.g. trust) from a person you love.

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The Super Parental Guardians (A Movie Review)

The Super Parental Guardians (A Movie Review)

This story revolves around Ariel Ciriaco/Arci (Vice Ganda) and Paco (Coco Martin) , who act and portray the role of second parents to Ernie and Megan, as requested by their mother , Sarah (Matet de Leon) in case anything bad happens to her. Paco, in fact, is the uncle of the children and was forced to live with Arci even though it was against his will in the first place.

Paco and Arci first met each other at Sarah’s funeral. Displeased at the thought that Arci will take the role of being a parent to Megan and Ernie, he tells Arci to leave the place. Until such time that Paco learns that the children are unsafe in their old residence, he finally decides to live with Arci even just for a short while until he finds the culprit behind his sister’s death, unaware that the house Arci lives in is not really his but rather his boss who later turns out to be the boss of a drug syndicate group as well.

My favorite parts of this film were some scenes where Arci and Megan were jokingly competing with each other first and comparing whose spaghetti recipe is better, when Arci defends the children for their misconduct and talks to the teacher after receiving a letter of suspension from the school, the parody of Train to Busan and the part where Paco tells Arci to love and value himself first before loving other people.

Least favorite parts were the opening scene, where Paco and his gang gets involved in a brawl with another gang, more killing and violence depicted in some scenes, and the part where obscenities or improper way of answering to authorities were being shown.

My favorite line(s)/quote(s) from the movie is/are:
* “My spaghetti  has sauce made with freshly picked tomatoes.” – Megan

* ”My spaghetti has banana ketchup with glutathione, silymarin extract and gingko biloba.” – Arci

Reflections/Insights/Critique on this movie:
* Children need to be guided by their parents or other adults when viewing this film as it depicts more violence, obscenities and immoralities shown in some parts of the movie rather than the good values that should be shown or taught to them.

*Adults should set a good example to the youth. This was taught or shown in Paco’s scene with Arci as he tells Paco to be mindful of his nephews rather than getting in a brawl and always letting his anger consume him.


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Imagine You and Me (A Movie Review)

This film narrates another love story between an OFW worker, Gara (Maine Mendoza) and Andrew (Alden Richards) who finds it hard to move on from a heartbreak after being rejected by the girl he loves.

Gara keeps herself busy in Italy as a pet sitter to Molly (Isay’s dog) , caregiver to an elderly man and a household helper to Terry (Irma Adlawan) as well , who turns out to be Andrew’s stepmom. Gara and Andrew seem to be at each other’s throats in the first place since Andrew accused Gara for conniving with the thief who stole his bag at the park, not knowing that Gara chased after the thief to retrieve the bag and return it to Andrew only to find that he was no longer in the park. Gara, in turn, despises Andrew for being such a douchebag and an ingrate.

Upon learning from Terry about Andrew’s situation , Gara’s heart softens and decides to help Andrew get over his heartbreak from being rejected by the girl he loves, which then starts their budding romance. However, things turn upside down as Gara finds out who Isay (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) really is by following and picking up the pieces of the broken heart-shaped glass and learns that Clarissa and Isay are the same person. Gara confronts Isay one time about not telling the truth about her condition to Andrew thinks that Isay is being selfish about leaving Andrew without any particular reason, deciding it’s about time that Isay and Andrew meet up  and arranges it for them so that they can finally talk and clear things out .

My favorite parts in this movie are: the scene where Andrew makes it up to Gar a for being rude and yelling at her for interfering with his life, the part when Andrew and Gara started to date and the scene where Isay lets go of Andrew and tells him he deserves to be with someone who makes him smile the way he used to.

Least favorite part was the confrontational scene between Gara and Isay where they got in a heated argument when Gara sees Isay writing her goodbye letters as she is terminally ill , as well as the part where Andrew confronts Isay about not informing him of her whereabouts and her health condition.

Some of the quotes/lines that struck me while watching this movie were:
“Kaya nga na-imbento ang glue para kahit gaano kawasak ang isang bagay, pwede pa ring mabuo.” – Gara

“Mas tragic yung hindi mo man lang naranasang magmahal. Mas malungkot yung mamatay na hindi mo man lang nakilala yung taong laan para sa ‘yo.” – Gara

“Hindi ka pa nagkakaroon ng totoong heartbreak kasi hindi ka pa nai-inlove.” – Andrew

“You were meant to be with someone who makes you smile like that.”- Isay

Reflections/Insights/Critique on this movie:
* We deserve to be with someone who makes us feel happy and smile.  We just have to wait in God’s perfect time.

* It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. This was what I learned and realized from Gara as she tells Andrew that it is more tragic when a person doesn’t experience love at all and dying without even meeting the other person that was destined for them.

“No matter how it hurts, we still have to be honest with the person we love. Another realization where Gara confronted Isay about not telling Andrew regarding her condition. Gara tells Isay to be honest with Andrew, no matter how it hurts.

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Barcelona: A Love Untold (A Movie Review)

This movie centralizes on two teenagers Ely (Daniel Padilla) –a young man who finds it hard to move on from his past and his former love life Celine (Kathryn Bernardo) and Mia (also played by Kathryn) who strives to find a way to make her life better.

The two meet at a train in Barcelona, Spain where Ely was reminded of Celine upon seeing Mia, thinking that she was his former flame and that Celine was still alive. Mia tells Ely off that she’s not who he thinks she is and leaves.

Ely , here , is an architecture student taking up his Masteral degree and working part time as a tour guide, waiter and photographer just to provide for his family who live in Philippines and send money. He resides with his aunt Insiang  and her son, Tunying. Mia, on the other hand,  is a troubled teenager who travels to Barcelona to escape her personal problems and issues with her family, especially with her dad who thinks of her as a disgrace after finding out that she was caught cheating on her exams. Unaware of the hardships that she might face in Barcelona as she comes from a privileged family, Mia tries to find a job and live a new life but can’t cope up with the situation that OFWs experience.  As she was about to give up on life and in everything, Ely decides to help and guide Mia in every way he can.

My favorite parts of the movie were the scene where Ely describes the Sagrada Familia (a tourist spot in Barcelona , Spain)  as the world’s most beautiful apology, when Ely tells Mia not to give up just because of a simple failure as well as the hardships she faces in life, when Insiang (Aiko Melendez) tells Mia not to let the emotions get the best of her, and the part where Mia encourages Ely to pursue his desires.

Least favorite part was the confrontational scene between Ely and his estranged mother (Maria Isabel Lopez) who had left him and a quarrel scene between Mia and Ely where he tells Mia to stop interfering with his life and his past.

There were some lines that might touch every heart of viewers such as:
“Huwag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita. Mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako, because that’s what I deserve.” – Mia

“Stop acting like you know my pain. Stop acting as if you own it.” – Ely

“Kung andiyan siya, nasan ako? Saan lulugar ang mga taong gustong mag mahal sayo?” – Mia

Reflections/Insights/Critique on this movie:
* You can’t afford to be weak when you work abroad. You have to be strong despite life’s challenges when you’re in a foreign country. Giving up easily on something is never an option. This is what I learned from Ely as he gives Mia a lecture about giving up easily and tells her to be strong despite life’s challenges.

*We all deserve to love and be loved back by the people we love and hold close in our hearts.

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Movie Review: Heneral Luna

This historical film takes us back to the setting of Philippine-American way back in 1898 where General Antonio Luna (John Arcilla) , a commander of the revolutionary army , leads an uprising against the American colony years after the Spanish reign, wanting peace and freedom for Philippines – our Motherland.  However, much to his dismay, some of his cabinet or elite members would want to make a deal with the United States.

General Antonio Luna’s decisions are somehow opposed or met with resistance by some soldiers who only want to follow Emilio Aguinaldo and are loyal to him. Due to his arrogance and short tempered nature, General Antonio Luna makes a number of enemies, not only with the Americans but also with his countrymen and cabinet members particularly Gen. Tomas Mascardo (Lorenz Martinez), Felipe Buencamino (Nonie Buencamino) Pedro Paterno (Leo Martinez) and Capt. Janolino (Ketchup Eusebio) , leading him to his untimely death as well where he was assassinated by a pack of presidential guards.

I could correlate the lines of General Antonio Luna with that of Enjolras, a fictional character from Les Miserables. Some of his quotes like “Freedom cannot be won by protecting their loved ones. They have to pay the price.” and “Do we not have the same right to Liberty?” can be associated with “Have you asked of yourselves what’s the price you might pay?” and “Will you stand up and take your chance?”

The central theme lies on freedom and peace through means of Revolution. This time it was against the American colony. Others fell during the battle while some rose up to take the place of the fallen general. After watching this movie, I could say that the actor John Arcilla as well as the rest of the cast portrayed the role very well.  This is another historical film worth watching as it serves as an eye opener to every Filipino citizen to what’s going on right now, especially with the government.