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The Perks of Wearing Statement T-Shirts

Sometimes, it’s just better to let your t-shirt do the talking…when you can’t say a word .

Statement t-shirts have become a craze to some people, even teenagers/college students and sometimes, even us. We would probably see them around in tiangge/shopping stalls or even in department stores in the malls. Some statement shirts may be about self-confidence and self-esteem, freedom, and other statement you may be seeing on those shirts. But there are also some statements that may seem offensive to people who might read it so people really have to be extra careful on what statement t-shirts they buy or wear when going out.

   Some people love to wear statement t-shirts just for the hell of it or expressing themselves. Well, I consider myself a fan of statement t-shirts too, especially when I can’t express myself, I just let my t-shirt do the talking. Like : “I’m Cool , I’m Hot.. You Ain’t Coz You’re Not..” or even “Please Don’t Make Me Unfriend You (I’ll Do It I Swear)