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Better Ways to Make Your Summer Vacation Productive

Summer vacation is here again. Got nothing to do much at home other than spending your time in front of the computer? There are better ways to make your summer time productive like enrolling in workshops that will help enhance your skills or studying a foreign language.

Lights, camera and… action! Wanting to unleash your artistic side? Dreaming of becoming a stage actor/actress someday? Then I recommend taking up Performing Arts in workshops like AATA (Asian Academy of Television Arts) or PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). Enrolling in this workshop will not only help you learn about the basics of acting, singing and even dancing, but it will also bring out the best in you and develop your personality.

Love posing and walking down the runway? Modeling workshops would probably be the best one to attend to. Recommended places for enrolling in this workshop are either John Robert Powers or even AATA (under the special module category).

For those who dream of becoming the next Ricky Lee or other known scriptwriters, then UP Film Institute is the best place for you to visit and enroll in one of their workshops. There are many other recommended workshops waiting out there for those who wanted to make their summer time productive.

As for the fresh graduates, applying for a part-time job or internship would be a better way to spend your summer time with, not only do you earn money, but you also would already have an experience on how it’s like working in a certain company.