Things To Do When You’re Date-less on Valentine’s Day

Who needs a date when you can just hang out with your loved ones (family and friends) on Valentine’s Day? You can spend quality time by playing board games,  go shopping at malls and dine out with them , have fun at arcade stores, or even watch  a good movie that you can write a review about.

You don’t need to worry about not having any date at all on Sunday.  Here are just a few things that you can do:

Search for a recipe

Instead of sulking or making a fuss about being date-less, you could spend your time searching for recipes that you could bake for your family or friends. Consult your cookbook or the Internet and compile the recipes you can find and try baking or cooking them on your own. Who knows you might just make your family or friends happy and feel special.

You can find a lot of recipes to compile from the Internet. They can be pastries, pasta or even just a simple meal.

Hang out with your friends/family at the mall

Shopping or hanging out with your loved ones can already make you feel  like it’s your special day. Just don’t go overboard in spending.  Spend quality time by playing at arcade game zones such as Time Zone, Tom’s World, Fun Land or other arcade games you could find at other malls near your location.

Read good books

Why worry about not having any date when you could just grab a book from your shelf while lying on your couch? In that way, you save money and increase your knowledge at the same time. Or even browse some sites where you could read books online?

Watch movies

Any new movie or film that you’ve been longing to watch? You can ask your friends out rather than moping around and having self pity on why everyone else is having a good time with their significant other while you’re not. Your friends can be your date, right? If others can enjoy time with their boyfriends/girlfriends, so can you as well.

Or you can also grab a DVD or two and invite your friends to come over and watch it with you. All you need is popcorn and drinks to make your house look like a movie theater too.



Rise of the Loom Bands

Gone were the days where you would see people using nylon strings to make friendship bracelets… those were the old days where some students in school-whether elementary or high school would wear those types of bracelets out of the nylon material. It has become every students’ addiction of making friendship bracelets out of this kind of material.

Nylon strings were soon replaced by paracord string in making bracelets and you could choose which style of bracelet you want (e.g. basic braid, double braid, cobra, fishtail, or any other style you want), also.. you could choose the color of strings you want (even your universities’ color if you’re an Ateneo Blue Eagle, La Salle Green Archers, UP Maroon or UST Growling Tigers). You could also just buy some paracord strings from the store nearby your house, with some buckle and create your own bracelet. These are being sold at P150 each.

Now enter the loom bands, which is now a craze among teenagers and adults. You could also some of those loom band kits being sold at some stalls in the ‘divisoria’ , even in malls and almost everywhere. Loom bands are colorful rubber bands weaved into a bracelets and charms. Loom band kits contain numerous colorful rubber bands, a metal hook or what we call the crochet hook, and some other things used to make it into a bracelet.

They are invented in the year 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng, who is a Malaysian immigrant who went to United States to attend Wichita State University, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering course. This ‘loom band’ idea entered his mind when he was watching his daughters making some jewelry out of rubber bands. Like the paracord bracelet, loom bands also have different style (some of them though are quite similar with that of the styles of making paracord bracelet like the fishtail.) The styles of making loom band bracelets are fishtail , multi-row, starburst, etc.)

Fun as they may be, people have been warned of the dangers it might pose on the kids, as well as for those who own pets inside their house as it may contain dangerous chemical. There’s nothing wrong with creating loom bands, just be careful and keep them out of reach of kids and pets.