A Bella’s Un-Ending To Do List

Bonjour, Bellas! It’s been a long awhile I haven’t posted in the Bella Blogs corner.  Here’s my first blog entry for the month of August 2017. Before I start, let me just ask you what are some of the things that you wanted to do before this year ends? For sure, we’ve got a lot and it’s un-ending. It may be something that we’ve done before and wanted to try again or something that we haven’t tried yet and wanted to go further just to achieve that goal.


So, here’s my un-ending list of to do’s:

France Eiffel Tower

#1 To Do: Travel in a European country (i.e., France)

Okay, I’m sure I’ve already mentioned this before in my previous blog entry which is ‘My Summer Plans for 2017’ , but I’ll mention it again here. Being an avid fan of this country, I’ve really wished to travel to France and explore everything I could, most especially the Eiffel Tower.

theatrical productions

 #2 To Do : Get involved in lots of activities

Being a person who wants to step out of her comfort zone, I really wanted to get involved in a lot of activities where there’s interaction and also, performing arts. Whether it’s joining a music ministry or even in theatrical plays/productions, just as long as I get to enjoy or do what I love and love what I do.

Lately, I’ve been attending LG (or Life Group) meetings once a week and so far, I’m enjoying every bit of it. I get to meet my friends there and interact with them.

photo shoot

#3 To Do: Engage in Photo Shoot Projects Or Activities

Modelling or posing for photo shoots has also been one of my hobbies and passion lately. Yes, photo shoots are so my thing, aside from taping for shows. Hoping and praying, that I’d get back to my usual stuff someday, Lord willing. This has been my dream – to pose as a commercial model.  Note to others: Please, don’t be a dream crusher (in short, huwag basag trip) .


#4 To Do: Get Back to Acting /Performing Arts

Yes, you’ve heard me right. I really missed all those times when I’d pack a set of specific clothes for a show, waking up early to prepare yourself, meeting up with friends , getting to a meet up place a bit earlier for the call time and the most exciting is, working with celebrities.

I’ve been praying for new projects to come, whether it’s for GMA, TV5 or another network (ABS-CBN soon, please).

product endorser

#5 To Do: Become A Product Endorser (Yes, please)

Same as the third one, I also wished to become a product endorser, whether a cosmetic product or a branded drink. Again, please don’t crush my dreams. This has also been one of my dream—to endorse at least one or two products.

There are a lot more of things that I’ve wanted to do, but I’ll end it here for the mean time.

Image Sources:

France (Eiffel Tower) – #1 To Do

Theater Productions – #2 To Do

Photo Shoot Activities – #3 To Do

Taping – #4 To Do

Product Endorser – #5 To Do




Exploring Mind Museum

Mind Museum in Taguig
Mind Museum in Taguig

Hey guys! Want to take your family and friends to a place where you can have fun and learn something at the same time? If you’re a fan of science , then Mind Museum may be just the place for you to visit.

Mind Museum is a place not just only for kids or students, but for adults as well where they could see science come alive and learn a lot. It is an interactive exhibit where guests can watch shows related to science itself and it is a learning venue for those who wanted to satisfy their cravings for science discovery, whether they wanted to take part in educational programs or visit travelling exhibitions. Mind Museum is surely a place to inspire and provoke science enthusiasts to continue exploring and asking questions.

What Mind Museum Is

The Mind Museum is an interactive museum and a project of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. , dedicated to provide an extra ordinary educational experience which inspires the public understanding of science. It is a member of the Association of Science-Technology Centers and the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centers.

The plan to start the first world class home for science in the country was initiated in January 2007, much thanks to the donations of private corporations and individuals, thus giving life to the Mind Museum in March 2012.

What To Expect Inside The Mind Museum

Since Mind Museum is an interactive science exhibition, guests may see lots of things relating to science itself such as Periodic Table of Elements, planets, and the likes. They may also play quiz games in some areas of the museum and watch shows in planetarium where they learn about different facts , varying on the schedule and show time.

This museum’s exhibition takes its guests off from a narrative presenting science in over 250 exhibits through five interconnected stories and spans nature in scale ranging from the smallest thing to the largest and everything in between: Atom, Earth, Life , Universe and Technology.

Aside from this, Mind Museum also has two outdoor areas where  guests can continue their science discovery : Science-in-the-Park and the JY Campos Park.

Trivia about Mind Museum

Did you know that almost all the exhibits in this Museum are originally designed by Filipino artists? They work closely with scientists both here and abroad to execute the science principles clearly and beautifully.

Want to plan your visit at this museum or even hold an event? You may book your next function here and let science be your host whether for a corporate event, birthday party or even a team building experience. You may have a variety of rooms and areas to choose from this museum and make your event a remarkable one.

Mind Museum is located at JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

You may simply view their website at

Here are at least 3 samples of photos taken during my visit here at Mind Museum


Image Source:

Mind Museum (Exterior)


A Bella’s Baguio Tour (May 6-7, 2017)


Hi, Bellas!

As a celebration of my mother’s birthday last Saturday , my family and I went on an out of town trip together with my relatives (father’s side) to Baguio . This already served as a bonding for us. But before our trip, I still managed to do my devotion for that day while waiting for our service to arrive as it is my top priority before everything else.

Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan
Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan

Day 1

My family and I met with our relatives at NLEX gas station to have a small coffee break then prepared for our very long journey to Baguio. It was a very long trip so it was a good thing to bring my iPod along with me to play music. Our first stop was at Our Lady of Manaoag Church located in Pangasinan where we prayed for our safety and well-being.

Chicken Curry Rice
Chicken Curry Rice.. yummm!

The  trip took more than an hour or so that we decided to take our lunch and satisfy our hungry stomach at one of their restaurant which was the Good Taste Restaurant. Much to our surprise, their food serving was enough but still less costly. I ordered chicken curry and soup with siomai for my lunch.

A View of Le Chateau
A View of Le Chateau

After a few more hours of our trip, we finally arrived at an apartelle unit where we are going to stay which was the Le Chateau Baguio (Transient Home and Accomodation). I and my family and relatives checked in upon our arrival and unpacked our stuff to relax for a while before we start touring around the city. Each of us have our own unit to sleep at. We occupied both the yellow and red unit which was at the second floor.

I and my family and relatives checked in upon our arrival and unpacked our stuff to relax for a while before we start touring around the city. Each of us have our own unit to sleep at. We occupied both the yellow and red unit which was at the second floor. I together with my parents and siblings as well as some of my cousins stayed at the yellow unit while the rest of my relatives stayed at the red unit. When you take a closer look at the units, you could say that it was unique for its color coded furniture and other stuff.

At 3 pm, we started our tour and left the apartelle unit then headed to our first stop which was the BenCab Museum (entrance fee is Php 120 per head). Just like any other museums, BenCab Museum has several guidelines for guests to follow and here they are:

  • Guided tours of the Museum and Gardens may be arranged at the reception.
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the Museum. Food and drinks are permitted only in Café Sabel and may not be carried into the galleries or other areas.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the Museum.
  • Still photography for personal use is permitted. No flash or tripods allowed. Videotaping is permitted in the lobby only. No photographs or videotapes may be reproduced , distributed or sold without permission from the Museum.
  • Sketching is permitted in the galleries (note: pencil only, no ink or paint) with sketchbooks no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches (21.6 x 27.9 cm). No easels, stools or sketching while sitting on the floor is permitted.

We took photos on some of their sample artworks while touring around the Museum to show some appreciation.

What I love and appreciate about the artworks displayed is the uniqueness and creativity. My favorite art works there are the portrait of lovers (spoiler alert: the people painted there are naked.) and the church goers.

After this tour at BenCab Museum, we were supposed to explore the other tourist spots of the city such as the Mines View Park and the likes but unfortunately we weren’t able to push through anymore due to heavy downpour of rain. We were already soaking wet by the time we got back inside the van and just decided to have dinner in our apartelle unit instead of the Café by The Ruins Dua since it’s also quite far away. We also had our Bingo Night activity and called it a day for the next morning.

Day 2

I woke up at 3 AM to have a warm coffee and take a shower before everyone else wakes up. To be honest, I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach (probably because I’m no longer used to waking up in the broad daylight and I had two cups of warm coffee just to fight off the drowsiness). Fortunately, I was still able to take a tour at La Trinidad , Benguet with my family and relatives (we didn’t pick strawberries anymore as it was a bit muddy due to the heavy rain so we decided to just buy them from the market. I bought just one souvenir which was the red and black Baguio City bonnet).

We headed to our next stop which was the Good Shepherd Convent where my mom , siblings, cousins and relatives bought pasalubong. We didn’t stay there long as we still had to attend mass at the Baguio Cathedral since it was a Sunday. More than that, we don’t have much time to explore anymore as we will be heading back home.

Boating Activity at Burnham Park
Boating Activity at Burnham Park

We had our heavy lunch at Dencio’s then headed straight to Burnham Park to stroll a bit as a way of digesting the food we ate. We had a boating activity for 30 minutes then met up with our relatives at the grandstand of the park where we will wait for the van service to pick us up and travel back to Manila.

Selfie with my red and black Baguio City bonnet
Selfie with my red and black Baguio City bonnet

Though the tour was shortened, I was still able to enjoy the experience.






My Sweet 26th Birthday Celebration

This day, I woke up early just to prepare for my morning devotion as well as my special day . Right after having my breakfast, I dressed up and headed to my sister’s place to pick them up and went to Robinson’s Magnolia while waiting for my school friends to arrive.


For our lunch, my friends and I celebrated my 26th birthday celebration at Shakey’s and chose the Family Meal Deal 2 which already has a serving of large thin crust (we chose the Cheese flavored pizza) , spaghetti platter, 5 pieces buddy pack of Shakey’s flavorful chicken n’ mojos and a pitcher of house blend iced tea (instead of Coke).

This is already good for sharing among  the four of us. So far, their meal deal was that good since get to have a free pepperoni pizza for my birthday as well as a free Shakey’s Supercard since they have this promo (Buy 1 Take 1 Shakey’s Card Promo) .

Aside from my birthday, I’m also celebrating my childhood friend, Grace’s birthday as she also deserves to enjoy every single moment of her life.

My Bestie and I
My Bestie and I


From P1,299 , we’ve got a discounted price at P1,236.10.

Just before having our meal, we had our group picture taken by one of the Shakey’s staff.

Group shot

I also had my picture taken at an egg throne located near the Vans Store while strolling around the mall with my friends right after lunch time. We also dropped by Toys R’ Us to help Grace find what she needs there.

My selfie
Selfie inside the egg

But my sweet birthday celebration doesn’t stop with that as I also was able to use my BDJ coupon of Mrs. Fields to buy some cookies as our dessert. I bought bags of cookies at a minimum price of Php 300 and got a free half dozen of freshly baked cookies.

Sweet Birthday Treats from Mrs. Fields

Lastly, I also get to treat my school friends to a cup of Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime. It was really a lot of fun to bond with them again and I could say I had a blast this day.




My BDJ Coupon Experience

Being a Bella has its perks. You get to enjoy some of their freebies just by using BDJ coupons from several trusted brand partners: Coffee Bean, Serenitea, Red Mango, Lynelle, French Baker, Lipault, and many more.


One brand I mostly used is the one from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf since I’m a coffee lover . The coupons I already used are the tea latte and ice blended coffee. The first coupon that I used from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is the tea latte wherein I bought a Chai Tea Latte (warm) then a regular Iced Moroccan Mint tea latte for free.


The second and third BDJ coupon I used was the Serenitea coupon (which is the 5% discount on snacks and drinks on one receipt). The 5% discount on snacks was used by my friend who bought her snack or meals while I used the 5% discount on my Wintermelon sweet beverage.


Another CBTL coupon I used from the booklet was the free regular Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream when I bought 2 Ice Blended Hazelnut Chocolate (1 –Pure or caffeine free and 1 caffeinated). I also bought a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and Carrot Walnut Loaf along with the drinks.

Looking forward to use other coupons aside from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Serenitea. I hope I get to earn up to 40 or 50 coupons to avail of 1 or 2 free BDJ Power Planners for the year 2018 (the other planner is a gift item for my friend)



My 1st BDJ Rendezvous Experience


Yesterday was a jam pack experience for me at the BDJ Rendezvous (BDJ Woman Up) . This was my first time to attend this event as a Bella. Not only did this allow me to step out of my comfort zone by meeting new people and making new friends, but I also learned something from the key note speakers who shared their experiences and life stories with us. Here are the things I’ve learned from each topic and key note speaker:

Expressing One Self Through Style (Speaker: Ms. Shaira Habon – Fashion Stylist)

Ms. Shaira Habon , a lifestyle blogger and fashion stylist, shared about different styles of expressing yourself through dressing up, determining your body shape , choosing the right clothes (according to the occasion) , wearing the proper and appropriate makeup and even the difference between fashion and style.

Fashion is the trend that people follow whereas style is creating your own. We may follow what’s on trend, but we don’t have to lose ourselves in the process of making improvements in expressing ourselves through style. When we express ourselves through styling, we don’t have to really think about what other people would say about us but rather considering the situation we are in and the occasion.

Moreover, we can’t please other people no matter what we do, even through styling ourselves.


Pursuing An Active Lifestyle (Speaker: Ms. Noelle De Guzman – The Kikay Runner)

One of the tips that Ms. De Guzman shared to us when planning our exercise is to jot it down in our planner and making it an appointment with ourselves as we are our own boss. However, we make sure that the tasks we jot down in our planner is doable for us.

Cut or drop the negative thoughts and attitudes about exercising such as “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” Or “I’m too busy that I don’t have time for that.” Because we really can make it a habit of exercising. If we are worried about what other people would say to us or tell us about this, we just have to remind ourselves, “Why would we let somebody who don’t even know us tell us what we should do with our body?”


Leading An Impact (Speaker: Ms. Noelle Rodriguez – Holistic Health Coach)

Holistic Health Coach Ms. Noelle Rodriguez shared to us what it’s like to lead an impact and have our personal mantra. Just like with Ms. Noelle de Guzman, we have to drop off all those negative thinking that we have to ourselves.  Turn those negative thoughts such as “I am not enough”, “I am not confident”, “I am not pretty” into positive thoughts or affirmations .

As what Ms. Rodriguez said, “At the end, it’s still our perspective that matters”


Unlocking Your Potential (Speaker: Ms. April Cuenca – CEO, Tripkada)

Last but not the least, Ms. April Cuenca of Tripkada shared to us about working on our passion, as well as her experiences in life, most especially when it comes to travel. When it comes to getting or hiring traveling agencies to book a trip , we have the right to be choosy, especially when the travel agency that we get is not legit or just pretending to be one. Before booking a trip with a travel agency, one thing we should consider is the reviews or what other people say about a certain travel agency, as there are instances that we might get victimized.

Back to the topic, working on our passion is really important. Why work on something when we are not even passionate about it?


Aside from the talk about these topics, the event doesn’t just stop to that, as there are fun games and raffle prizes Bellas can participate in. Every Bella had fun as no one came home empty handed. Everyone came home bagging a prize sponsored by different brand partners (Lynell, Flawless, Serenitea, French Baker, Red Mango, Lipault, Mystery Manila, Fresh Gear, etc.)


Moreover, I love the yummy treats sponsored by Cinnabon (which I just took home since I was already full with the meal we had.) as well as the prizes I brought home.

Looking forward for more events like this one.




Fun at Otaku Expo

Anime lovers usually anticipate this kind of event where they could see cosplayers dressing up as their favorite anime character. Otaku Expo is just like any other anime-related events or exhibits where anime items such as costume playing stuff , cards, etc. But it doesn’t just stop there as some activities like games, contests and battle of the bands are also being held. Not only do they sell anime-related items, they also sell other stuff such as Harry Potter souvenirs or merchandise, button pins and many other cute items you can buy or give as gifts to your friends.

But what does the word ‘Otaku’ really mean? The word ‘Otaku’ simply got its name or term from Japanese people which defines a young person obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills. For other people, this may appear extremely negative to them as they are defined as a homely person or someone who is anti-social. The term ‘otaku’ usually refers to someone who usually stays at home to kill time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the Internet  rather than socializing or mingling with other people or sometimes, it’s also used to refer to someone who’s a nerd , hacker or even programmer.

Going back to the topic, you could see gamers active at this event as well . You can find when at every corner of the place where this exhibit is being held. You could also see some people watching anime singing competitions, performances from anime cosplayers and the like.

I visited this event or exhibit together with my friends last Sunday (February 5,2017) . We visited every booth, except the photo booth. The entrance fee costs P180 per head or person. Strictly no food and drinks allowed inside.


Activities being held in the event are: Eating Contests, Card Game Tournament (for gamers), On The Spot Art-Contest, Speed Drawing Contest, Individual Cosplay Competition, Battle of the Bands, Anime Singing Competition , Anime Booths and more for anime lovers to enjoy.

(Note: The individual cosplay competition is not limited for only anime characters as there are cosplayers who dress up as Disney princesses or characters. I got to have a picture taken with a cosplayer dressed up as Esmeralda)


With Esmeralda


(I forgot the name of the anime character)

Booths that visitors can see are t-shirt printing, stalls that sell wigs/extensions/hair dyes (I bought my hair extension here for P250 and it’s the last stock remaining.) ,  booths where visitors can buy button pins, Harry Potter merchandise, stickers, stationeries and more.


  Cute Anime Items


T-Shirt/Souvenir Shop


Otaku Magazines


More Otaku Magazines and Button Pins


Cute Beret Hats


Crowds of people watching “Battle of The Bands”

I and my friends may not have bought much items from this exhibit, but we surely had a blast visiting this once in a while event. I have no regrets whatsoever in buying my souvenir (hair extension) .



Fun at Sip & Gogh

Want to unleash the inner ‘artist’ in you? You can showcase your creativity by engaging in a painting session at Sip & Gogh. You can also bond with your family, friends or even colleagues after a stressful day at work or even during weekends.

About Sip & Gogh

Sip and Gogh is the newest art entertainment as well as the first paint and sip studio. Guests can bond with their family and friends by painting to their heart’s content while sipping their favorite beverage. At Sip & Gogh, guests are provided everything they need such as canvas, paints, paint brushes, palette, easel and apron.

This facility first started on August 2012 where the people behind running this business always wanted to share their experiences of traveling, wine sampling, and learning about interesting cultures. These served as inspiration for them to set up the first ever paint and sip studio which combines their mutual appreciation for fine wine and good art.

The people behind this business aspire to provide a cozy environment for those who want to express themselves and show their creative side while sipping on their favorite beverage with fellow art enthusiasts, family and friends as well as to create personal and collective experiences promoting creativity, self development and social bonding.

Registering For A Session

To register for a session, guests may select a branch nearest their location (Ayala Heights, Eastwood, Kapitolyo, Alabang, Atelier or Century Mall). They can make their reservations either through online or phone call. To make the session more fun, guests may freely invite their family and friends to join them.

Events and Workshops

There are also promo discounts for guests to enjoy when they come visit the studio. There’s the Hi, Neighbor promo wherein the studio gives 10% discount on painting sessions for those who live or work in the said area (Pasig, Old Balara Quezon City, or Eastwood). All they have to do is present their valid ID.

Aside from this, there are also events and workshops for those who want to show their artistic side such as Fundraising Event, Open Session (you get to choose either from their gallery or paint your own. Price is inclusive of complimentary drinks and an appetizer snack), BYOB or Bring Your Own Bottle (bringing your bottle of wine and share it with others. Note: Guests must be 18 years old and above, more importantly, drink responsibly. There’s also a corkage fee of P300 per 750 mL bottle.) , Date 2 Create (for dating couples), Family Fun Day and Little Van Gogh.

What’s good with this paint and sip studio is that there are instructors who will guide you along as you paint and create your masterpiece. They also take a photo of their guests posing with their masterpiece as soon as they are done.

Want to book a session? Contact the Sip & Studio branch nearest you and have fun. Paint. Sip and Laugh! You can also visit their site .





Fun at GCC Alumni Fair (November 24-26, 2016)


GCC Alumni Fair is an annual event held at the gymnasium of Grace Christian College during the 11th month , nearing the Christmas season. It is a three-day event open to all guests , students, as well as alumni and friends of Grace.

Visitors or guests have an entrance fee of P20 to enjoy this fun-filled event where they could buy some items either for themselves to store at home such as appliances and kitchenware or even some cute souvenirs that they could give as gift items for their loved ones such as lotions, clothes, toys and even accessories like choker necklace. Aside from buying some items, there are also booths where they could enjoy some activities, arcade games like basketball , driving, get into a virtual ride or other things they want.

What’s more interesting about this event is that it’s run by the students from high school and college department, supervised by some of the faculties of GCC. Visitors get to have fun at the alumni fair.

Feeling hungry after roaming around to shop for items? There are also food stalls where you could buy your lunch. For this year, food stalls available for guests are Shawarma, Chooks To Go, I Love Milktea, Lemon Bee and more.


A Day Out In UP Town Center with My Family


This was my first time to visit and stroll around the place with my family, try out a new restaurant and explore the mall. UP Town Center might just be a new place for me to hang out with my family and friends. This place is convenient to workers, students and other people who reside in Katipunan.

About UP Town Center

UP Town Center is part of Ayala Malls 360, as well as a mixed-use retail and office development which offers an optimal mix of high quality retailers and office tenants responsive to the needs and demands of students, residents and workers in this surrounding community.

This place serves as an interactive venue which is favorable or convenient for free expression, discourse and skills development through its green spaces, academic facilities, amphitheater and as well as Student Hub.

Students, residents, and employees near this area find it convenient to shop and visit this place for hanging out with their friends, family and colleagues during their free time.

What I like about UP Town Center

What I basically like about this place upon my first visit is its vast area. You could just simply stroll around this vicinity, aside from the new restaurants you’ve never been to and would want to try out with your barkada, colleagues or just simply your family member.

There are a lot of activities that you could do in UP Town Center like play at an arcade zone, eat to your heart’s content at your favorite restaurant, watch movie or stroll around and go shopping until you drop.

.  You could even chill out and have a good conversation with your friends at your favorite coffee shop