Compiled Recipe- Easy Beef Tapa

Easy Beef Tapa

* ¼ cup brown or coconut sugar
* 2 tbsp thai fish sauce
* 1 ½ tbsp light soy or tamari soy sauce
* 2 ½ tsp calamansi juice
* ½ tsp baking soda
* black pepper (to taste)
* 1 ½ tbsp garlic, minced
* 500 grams beef sirloin, sliced into thin strips

1) Combine beef sirloin, brown or coconut sugar, Thai fish sauce, light soy or tamari soy sauce, calamansi juice, baking soda, black pepper and minced garlic in a bowl.

2) Marinate, covered , in the fridge overnight. Stir fry meat in oil over high heat.