Compiled Recipe – Strawberry Basil Choco Cream Drink

Strawberry Basil Cream Choco Drink

* 1 sachet Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate
* 1 sachet Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate
* 3 cups full cream milk
* 250 mL heavy cream
* 2 to 4 pieces strawberry, pureed
* 20 grams basil leaves
* 2 tbsp. sugar

1) Soak basil leaves in heavy cream. Add sugar and place in chiller for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2) Mix Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate, Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate and hot full cream milk in glasses or mugs.

3) Remove basil leaves from cream and whip the cream using a hand mixer until it reaches soft peaks.

4) Spoon whipped basil cream into the mugs.

5) Serve while hot.

Tip: You can also heat the cream and add the basil (or any herb you like) to infuse the flavor even more.

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