A Bella’s Un-Ending To Do List

Bonjour, Bellas! It’s been a long awhile I haven’t posted in the Bella Blogs corner.  Here’s my first blog entry for the month of August 2017. Before I start, let me just ask you what are some of the things that you wanted to do before this year ends? For sure, we’ve got a lot and it’s un-ending. It may be something that we’ve done before and wanted to try again or something that we haven’t tried yet and wanted to go further just to achieve that goal.


So, here’s my un-ending list of to do’s:

France Eiffel Tower

#1 To Do: Travel in a European country (i.e., France)

Okay, I’m sure I’ve already mentioned this before in my previous blog entry which is ‘My Summer Plans for 2017’ , but I’ll mention it again here. Being an avid fan of this country, I’ve really wished to travel to France and explore everything I could, most especially the Eiffel Tower.

theatrical productions

 #2 To Do : Get involved in lots of activities

Being a person who wants to step out of her comfort zone, I really wanted to get involved in a lot of activities where there’s interaction and also, performing arts. Whether it’s joining a music ministry or even in theatrical plays/productions, just as long as I get to enjoy or do what I love and love what I do.

Lately, I’ve been attending LG (or Life Group) meetings once a week and so far, I’m enjoying every bit of it. I get to meet my friends there and interact with them.

photo shoot

#3 To Do: Engage in Photo Shoot Projects Or Activities

Modelling or posing for photo shoots has also been one of my hobbies and passion lately. Yes, photo shoots are so my thing, aside from taping for shows. Hoping and praying, that I’d get back to my usual stuff someday, Lord willing. This has been my dream – to pose as a commercial model.  Note to others: Please, don’t be a dream crusher (in short, huwag basag trip) .


#4 To Do: Get Back to Acting /Performing Arts

Yes, you’ve heard me right. I really missed all those times when I’d pack a set of specific clothes for a show, waking up early to prepare yourself, meeting up with friends , getting to a meet up place a bit earlier for the call time and the most exciting is, working with celebrities.

I’ve been praying for new projects to come, whether it’s for GMA, TV5 or another network (ABS-CBN soon, please).

product endorser

#5 To Do: Become A Product Endorser (Yes, please)

Same as the third one, I also wished to become a product endorser, whether a cosmetic product or a branded drink. Again, please don’t crush my dreams. This has also been one of my dream—to endorse at least one or two products.

There are a lot more of things that I’ve wanted to do, but I’ll end it here for the mean time.

Image Sources:

France (Eiffel Tower) – #1 To Do

Theater Productions – #2 To Do

Photo Shoot Activities – #3 To Do

Taping – #4 To Do

Product Endorser – #5 To Do




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