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Product Review: Nescafe Mocha Bottle Shaker

Nescafe Mocha Bottle Shaker

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I haven’t posted a blog entry for product reviews. Right now, I’ll be writing a product review about Nescafe Mocha Bottle Shaker. We’ve seen this a lot of times in TV ads or commercials with a girl handing out bottle shakers to guests or beach goers.

So, out of curiosity, I also bought one for my own that I could carry outside with me wherever I go or just to use at home. Being a coffee lover, I make sure that I have at least a cup or glass of iced coffee.

* Fill coffee only up to the brim of the lower bottle.
* Be sure that the upper bottle is returned properly to the bottle to avoid leak.
* This product is not intended to be spill-proof and is not guaranteed against minor leakage.
* This item is not a toy. Handle with care.
* Breakage and cracks may appear if used improperly. Stop use immediately when crack or breakage is found.
* Item is non-microwaveable.
* Do not expose to open flames or high temperature.
* Do not put boiling water.
* Please consume prepared coffee immediately.

Cleaning With Instruction:
* Wash thoroughly with soap and water before and after each use.
* Do not use a harsh chemical or abrasive cleaner when washing.
* This is NOT dishwasher safe.
* Keep in safe, dry and clean place.

You can find this instruction written in a small paper being placed in the bottle shaker itself the first time you open it. Nescafe Mocha Bottle Shaker is available in groceries or you may also order them through online at a price of Php 70.80 along with 12 sachets of Nescafe Mocha (6 sachets of Coco Mocha and 6 sachets of Berry Mocha).

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