“Team” – Lorde

The song “Team” was written by New Zealand singer and Joel Little while travelling around the world under her album Single. Team is a hybrid of two genres alternative pop and electro-pop which features an instrumentation of synthesizer, bass and snare drum over a handclap based beat. Lorde wrote this song as a tribute to her friends and country.

The filming of this song’s music video took place in an abandoned building called Red Hook Grain Terminal , located at Red Hook, Brooklyn and its content was inspired by Lorde’s dream of an own world for teenagers. This music  video was actually directed by Young Replicant. Team was performed by Lorde on several occasions, including Late Show with David Letterman and at ARIA Music Awards of 2013. It was also featured on the episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 10 (aired in December 2013).

Lorde explains one of the lines from her song ‘We live in cities you’ll never see on screen’ which refers to speaking for the minorities from small cities and ‘I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air’ , in which she expresses her distaste in common contemporary popular lyrics which tells the listeners to put their hands up in the air.


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