Sweet Birthday Treats from Mrs. Field’s (Perks of A Bella Experience x Mrs. Field’s)

Hi, Bellas!

Sweet Treats from Mrs. Field's

I’m writing another blog entry of my coupon which is the Mrs. Fields. So, to complete my birthday celebration, I used up the Mrs. Fields Coupon wherein I bought 2 bags of cookie nibblers for an amount of Php 300 and got a free half dozen of regular cookies (Its selling price is Php 80.00/6 pieces), all in all I took home 3 bags of baked goodies from Mrs. Fields. Since my sister got 1 bag, I had 2 bags of freshly baked cookies left which is 1 dozen cookie nibblers and a free bag of regular cookies.

Baked Goodies From Mrs. Field’s

This also served as my sweet birthday treat for my family and had it as a snack. To be honest, their cookie really tasted just right. It’s not too sweet. You guys have to try their baked goodies, it’s really tasty and you won’t regret taking a bag home for your snack.

That’s all for my Mrs. Field’s experience. Stay tuned for the next one!




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