My Sweet 26th Birthday Celebration

This day, I woke up early just to prepare for my morning devotion as well as my special day . Right after having my breakfast, I dressed up and headed to my sister’s place to pick them up and went to Robinson’s Magnolia while waiting for my school friends to arrive.


For our lunch, my friends and I celebrated my 26th birthday celebration at Shakey’s and chose the Family Meal Deal 2 which already has a serving of large thin crust (we chose the Cheese flavored pizza) , spaghetti platter, 5 pieces buddy pack of Shakey’s flavorful chicken n’ mojos and a pitcher of house blend iced tea (instead of Coke).

This is already good for sharing among  the four of us. So far, their meal deal was that good since get to have a free pepperoni pizza for my birthday as well as a free Shakey’s Supercard since they have this promo (Buy 1 Take 1 Shakey’s Card Promo) .

Aside from my birthday, I’m also celebrating my childhood friend, Grace’s birthday as she also deserves to enjoy every single moment of her life.

My Bestie and I
My Bestie and I


From P1,299 , we’ve got a discounted price at P1,236.10.

Just before having our meal, we had our group picture taken by one of the Shakey’s staff.

Group shot

I also had my picture taken at an egg throne located near the Vans Store while strolling around the mall with my friends right after lunch time. We also dropped by Toys R’ Us to help Grace find what she needs there.

My selfie
Selfie inside the egg

But my sweet birthday celebration doesn’t stop with that as I also was able to use my BDJ coupon of Mrs. Fields to buy some cookies as our dessert. I bought bags of cookies at a minimum price of Php 300 and got a free half dozen of freshly baked cookies.

Sweet Birthday Treats from Mrs. Fields

Lastly, I also get to treat my school friends to a cup of Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime. It was really a lot of fun to bond with them again and I could say I had a blast this day.




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