Compiled Recipe – Fresh Fruit Halo-Halo

Fresh Fruit Halo-Halo

* 1 cup ice
* 3 tbsp banana (saba variety), diced
* 3 tbsp mango, diced
* 2 tbsp sweetened jackfruit (langka)
* 3 tbsp pineapple chunks
* 3 tbsp sweetened macapuno strings
* 2 tbsp tapioca pearls (sago)
* ¼ cup fresh coconut milk (gata)
* simple syrup (to taste)
* 2 scoops macapuno ice cream
* 1 tbsp ube halaya jam
* 2 tbsp leche flan, diced
* 1 stick pandan wafer
* 1 tbsp otap

1) Fill a serving glass with ice. Add sweetened saba, mangoes, langka, pineapple, macapuno and sago.

2) Drizzle coconut milk all over halo-halo. Sweeten with syrup to taste. Top with ice cream, ube halaya jam, leche flan and a wafer stick. Sprinkle with crushed otap, if desired. Serve immediately.


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