Perks of a Bella Experience x Revlon


Bonjour, Bellas!

It’s been a month long that I haven’t posted a blog entry about my perks of a Bella coupon experience since rarely do I get a chance to use up one. So, yesterday, I used up my Revlon coupon to enjoy a 25% discount off any colors or shades from their lipstick.


I chose one of their lipstick which was the Super Lustrous lippie with a shade of red (my favorite color) and availed of a 25% discount. Lippies are really one of my beauty essentials, being a kikay Bella that I am. I bought this at a department store in Robinson’s Galleria.

I bought the lippie at a discounted price from Php 350 to Php 262.50. I plan to add this to my kikay collection.  I’ve just marked another coupon off from my coupon tracker.

Till my next coupon experience again, Bella’s!



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