Fun-Filled BDJ Women’s Summit

Yesterday’s event was a wonderful experience for me as a Bella, especially since this was also my first time to attend a conference or summit for women empowerment. The Samsung Hall Auditorium was filled with more than a hundred guests.

Inside the Samsung Hall Auditorium
Inside the Samsung Hall Auditorium


Registration for the BDJ Women’s Summit started at 8 am and the queue was already that long when I arrived at the venue. Lucky enough, I and my sisters were able to get to the venue in time, much thanks to Grab.  We were waiting patiently for our turn to be accommodated and claim our ID Pass, as well as our Summit Kit which includes snacks and goodies sponsored by brand partners (Oishi, Hunt’s, Goldilocks, Kratos, Griffins, La Pacita, Kai, bobbie Nails, habitat, Sharpie, Olay, Jergens, BIC, Ace Water Spa and more) , as well as the booklet where we could jot down key notes.

While waiting for the program to start, I reviewed the booklet from cover to cover starting with the flow of the program, speaker profiles, partner organizations and event promos. I also took a selfie with my ID pass.

Ms. Luane Dy hosting the BDJ Women's Summit
Ms. Luane Dy hosting the BDJ Women’s Summit

Ms. Aya, one of the BDJ Team, opened the Women’s Summit by welcoming the Bellas and started a program with mini-games such as question and answer game, Bring Me, and sharing game, before opening the floor to the host, Ms. Luane Dy, followed by the welcoming remarks of Ms. Darlyn Ty.

Now, proceeding with the plenary sessions and  speakers, here’s how it went:

Plenary 1 Speakers: Ms. Abbygale Arenas –De Leon , Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria and Ms. Hidilyn Diaz (Unleashing the Power Within)

Ms. Abbygale Arenas-De Leon (Certified Image Consultant, Binibining Filipinas 1997)
Ms. Abbygale Arenas-De Leon (Certified Image Consultant, Binibining Filipinas 1997)

Some of us may not be that familiar with Ms. Abbygale Arenas. She was a former representative of the Philippines in the 1997 Miss Universe Pageant, Fashion Model and a TV Personality. She has ventured into the world of image consultancy where she inspires others with her legacy of beauty and poise.

Ms. Abbygale Arenas inspired Bella’s on looking and feeling good through her sharing of secrets on how every Bella can be beautiful, especially when it comes to dressing and different kinds of smile. Apart from that, she also teaches us the importance of living life NOW.

Here are some of her words of wisdom:
* “Live the best life possible.”
* “We can make things special. “/ “You are unique”
* “You have to make sure that you treat your body like a temple.”

What I liked the most from these words of wisdom is the third one. Our body is God-given, we don’t really own it so we better take good care of it by not defiling our bodies with vices like smoking, drinking or putting tattoos.

Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria (Actress, International Emmy Awards Nominee)
Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria (Actress, International Emmy Awards Nominee)

We have all seen her in various television shows like Tabing Ilog (George Fuentebella), Pangako Sa ‘Yo 2002 version (Lia Buenavista), Be Careful With My Heart (Maya Dela Rosa) and the remake version of Pangako Sa ‘Yo (Amor Powers). Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria started acting at the age of 15. She’s a versatile actress who received nominations from FAMAS, Gawad Urian and the International  Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Amor Powers.

Here’s my takeaway from her life-story sharing/words of wisdom:
* “When God gives skills or talents, it comes with a purpose.”
* “Turning our dreams to reality requires massive action.”
* Dreams give vision, actions give the opportunity, but it is faith that gives us the fulfillment.”

What struck me the most from her inspirational words was the last one where we should not only dream, take action, but also have deep faith in our Creator who gave us the skills/talents. This was what I admire the most in Ms. Jodi Sta Maria — her deep faith in God. More than that, she inspired me more with her answer to my question ‘What can you advice to those who wanted to be actresses someday?’ . It’s true that it wasn’t really easy when entering the show business, it takes a lot of patience, determination and passion/desire.. but what matters most is our ATTITUDE.

Ms. Hidilyn Diaz (Silver Olympic Medalist, Rio 2016 Olympics)
Ms. Hidilyn Diaz (Silver Olympic Medalist, Rio 2016 Olympics)

Ever heard of the quote or saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’? That’s what I believe most when Ms. Hidilyn Diaz shared her life story yesterday. Despite having leg injuries and failed in one of the competitions she has joined, she still chose to be positive ,fight and gave her very best until she finally won. Determination and passion were the qualities or characteristics she possessed .

Here’s what I liked most from the things she shared:
* “Nothing’s impossible with God.”
* God gives us more than what we expect only when we know how to surrender everything to Him but still remember to do our part.”

Both these statements hold true. Nothing is really impossible with God when we entrust everything to Him. But still, we have to keep in mind that we also have to do our part.

After their session follows a Q&A with the speakers where Bella’s get to ask questions for each speaker.

Q&A with Ms. Abbygale, Hidilyn and Jodi
Q&A with Ms. Abbygale, Hidilyn and Jodi

Plenary 2 Speakers: Ms. Rebecca Bustamante-Mills and Ms. Pia Gladys Perey (Make It Big With Something Small)

Ms. Rebecca Bustamante Mills (OFW turned Businesswoman, Charle Associates)
Ms. Rebecca Bustamante Mills (OFW turned Businesswoman, Charle Associates)


Ms. Rebecca Bustamante-Mills opens her session with two questions: “How can you be successful? or what is success?” and “Why are there many who are un-successful?”

You can be successful only if you work hard. It doesn’t matter where you start, just as long as you work hard and strive for excellence? Then you can become successful. With regards to the second question, there are many reasons why many people are unsuccessful: 1) unwilling to work, 2) negative thinking , 3) fear of failure .  Let me add poor time management to the many reasons why so many people are unsuccessful.

Ms. Rebecca Bustamante –Mills shares her piece of mind when it comes to her success alongside her life story. These words of wisdom are:
* “It doesn’t matter where you start.”
* “There is no shame in helping others.”
* “Challenges make you strong.”
* “Learn the skills and apply them.”
* “You need to achieve what you want in life.”

I love the first and third statement. It doesn’t matter where we start and it also doesn’t matter how big or small our business is, as long as we have the determination to work hard, then we can be successful. Also, failures or challenges should not to stop us from achieving what we want in life. As a matter of fact, they serve as a teacher to us and make us strong.

Unfortunately, I missed out on Ms. Pia Glady’s Perey’s session and the Q&A

Plenary 3 Speakers: Danah & Stacy Gutierrez and Jayme Pizarro (Be The Driving Force To Positive Change)

Ms. Danah & Stacy Gutierrez (Editors-in-Chief,
Ms. Danah & Stacy Gutierrez (Editors-in-Chief,

These twins started the Body Positivity Movement in Philippines. Being advocates of body positivity, Danah and Stacy appeared on various media in order to promote their advocacy and message when it comes to loving your body.  They upgraded their personal blog into a web magazine called and launched their first book entitled “The Big Fat Book of Self Love” , which inspires everyone to love and accept their body.

Their words of wisdom? Here they are:
* “You can have flaws and be flaw some.”
* “Big girls are the ones who should feel safe.” In other words, NO body shaming!
* “There is health at every size.”
* “Ask yourself, “What kind of reality are you creating for yourself?” /”What lies are you believing for yourself?”
* “How can you share positivity when you don’t have it in yourself?”

What strikes the most is the fourth and fifth statement. Sometimes, we really have to ask ourselves these two questions: “What kind of reality are we creating for ourselves?” and “What lies are we even believing for ourselves?”

Moreover, we reflect on this question: “How can you share positivity when you don’t have it in yourself?” . If we , ourselves, don’t have this positivity within us, how can we expect others to do the same?

Ms. Jayme Pizzaro (Founder,
Ms. Jayme Pizzaro (Founder,

Just like our silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz, Jayme Pizarro also experienced having injury, but this doesn’t stop her from running a marathon. She’s a head strong woman behind the popular running blog called ‘’ which started first as a journal of her passion for running then later grew into one of the most credible and widely followed online resource and inspiration for Filipino runners.

What I’ve learned most from her is the 6Fs which stands for: 1) Follow your heart, girl!, 2) Find a higher purpose, 3) Friends! Community, 4) Face Your Fears, 5) Fight and 6) Have Fun.  Aside from this, I’ve also learned not to be afraid to give up the good to go for the great . This means that we can do more than that so we don’t need any reason to be afraid to step out of our comfort zones. Get out and have fun!

Vice President Ma. Leonora ‘Leni’ Robredo (Keynote Speaker)


Last, but definitely not the least, is our key note speaker: Vice President Ma. Leonora “Leni” Robredo. She’s known to be the 14th Vice President of the Philippines but before that, she was a human rights lawyer who devoted most of her time serving for the most vulnerable sectors of the Philippine Society. She was also a public attorney, a member of the alternative lawyers group SALIGAN and Representative of the Third District of Camarines Sur.

I admit I am not really that much of a fan of our Vice President, but it doesn’t give me any reason not to be empowered by her words yesterday. Quoting her, “Empathy empowers while meanness and criticisms imprisons.” When we are being mean to one another or even criticize other people, we imprison them or do not give them the freedom to voice out their thoughts. When we empathize with other people, we empower them.

What’s the use of being on the safe side anyways when you can’t speak out for the voiceless? Despite all the issues being thrown to her, most especially the impeachment being imposed, Vice President Leni Robredo still chooses to speak out, unafraid. She’s not afraid to lose a fight.

with VP Leni
Group photo with Vice President Leni Robredo

Ms. Abbygale, Ms. Jodi, Ms. Hidilyn, Ms. Danah &Stacy Gutierrez, Ms. Jaymie Pizarro and our Vice President are these speakers who empowered and inspired me the most.

But of course, the fun in this event just doesn’t stop with the sessions, there’s the raffle prize where lucky Bella’s get the chance to win one of the surprises from BDJ’s brand partners – gift certificates from Skin Station, Serenitea and Browhaus, gift packs from Jergens, Wacoal, Tupperware, Pink Sugar, Flawless and more. I could consider myself lucky also for winning three gift certificates from Skin Station (1 from the game and 2 from the raffle.)

With Ms. Luane Dy

Ms. Luane Dy gave the closing remarks and ended the Women’s Summit. It was now time for us to claim our certificates from the staff in charge. I still stayed for a short moment after the sessions to visit one of the booths of some of the advocacy groups like Miss Possibilities, Angat Buhay and ECPAT PH, as well as join in some games from Flawless and Serenitea. There’s also this photobooth where Bella’s can take photos of themselves.

Advocacy Groups I want to Support:


Game and Selfie Time!


I just love visiting this booth. I Choose Flawless!

Selfie at the photobooth

This event is really worth attending! So glad to have taken my part by attending the BDJ Women’s Summit.

Now it’s time to uncover or take a peek at what’s inside the Summit Kit loot bag.

A Summit Kit loot bag jam-packed with surprises
A Summit Kit loot bag jam-packed with surprises

Ready to take a look? Here it is… Ta Da!

Goodies from different brand partners/sponsors
Goodies from different brand partners/sponsors

Thank you Sharpie, Oishi, Kratos, Kai, Bobbie Nails, Olay, WaCoal, Griffins, Habitat, La Pacita, Jergens, Life, Goldilocks, Maynilad and Belle de Jour for these goodies.

Certificate of Participation

Here’s the certificate of participation for the BDJ Women’s Summit.

But wait… there’s more!

Flawless Pink Peso Voucher
Flawless Pink Peso Voucher

Thank you, Flawless Face and Body Clinic for this pink peso voucher. 🙂


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