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My Ex and Whys: A Movie Review


This film centralizes on call center/blogger Calixta ‘Cali’ Ferrer (Liza Soberano) whose blog contents aim to lash out all her frustrations not only on her failed relationship with Sergio ‘Gio’ Martinez (Enrique Gil) and all other male beings , always starting with the question “Why?”. Cali’s frustration started when she witnessed her father (Emilio Garcia) ‘s unfaithfulness as he ditched her and her mother (Ara Mina) for another woman who seem to be younger and sexier, causing Cali to have trust issues when it comes to love and trust towards the opposite gender.

Gio, on the other hand, is now a changed man and started to set up his blog account with a blog name opposite to that of Cali’s (The Dahil List) , contradicting Cali’s blog post and apologizing to her and proving that not all men are cheaters and deserve to be given a second chance to change for the better.

My favorite lines or quotes from this movie are:

* “When you choose to love, dapat tapat. Kasi kung mahal mo, bakit mo sinasaktan?” – Cali Ferrer.

Basically, love is not just all about being too sweet towards each other, but being honest as well when it comes to relationship. How can you expect the person to put their trust in you when you’re not being honest with him/her as well? But sometimes, there are also some instances when we get hurt in the process of loving someone. We cannot avoid that. But just because you’re afraid to get hurt doesn’t mean that you should stop loving.

* “Di naman lahat ng lalaki , bad boy. Di naman lahat ng lalaki , sasaktan ka.”- Gio Martinez

Not all men are cheaters or bad guys. There are still some who are loyal and honest with the person they love. Not all men will hurt you.

* “Am I not enough? Pangit ba ako? Pangit ba katawan ko? Kapalit palit ba ako?”- Cali Ferrer

This may be the most depressing hugot line , not only for girls but also for boys. Both women and men have their own insecurities when it comes to physical appearances, but remember , it’s not our physical or outward appearance that matters the most but how we see and value ourselves.

* “Ano ang karapatan mong hingin ang bagay na ipinagkait mo?”- Lee

What right do we really have to ask for something which we , ourselves, denied to the person we love in the first place? We can’t ask for something that we ourselves denied , especially love and trust.

There are some best and worse parts in this film . My favorite parts or scenes from this film were the blog conference where Cali tells the audience to be truthful and honest when choosing to love someone, the part where Gio counters Cali’s blog post and proves that men can change for the better and not all men are cheaters, the trip to Korea where Cali, Gio and Lee fix everything that was ruined (plus we learned about the culture of Korea which is their traditional wedding custom) and the airport scene where Lee jokingly calls Cali a witch after she tearfully apologizes for messing up Lee’s wedding.

The worst parts, on the other hand, were the stag party scene where the girls hired by Cali and her friend hired go nude and seduced both Lee and Gio (thus causing a misunderstanding between Lee and his fiancée), unpleasant or rated SPG scenes, Cali and Gio quarrel through online and Cali gets bashed by Gio’s fans for being bitter.

Other Insights/Reflections/Critique on this film:
* Be honest with your loved ones.

* Not all men are cheaters. There are still many out there who can be loyal .

* You can’t ask for something you even denied (e.g. trust) from a person you love.

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