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My Flawless Skin Care Products

Flawless Skin Care Products from Flawless Face and Body Clinic
Flawless Skin Care Products from Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Bonjour, Bellas!

Having concerns with regards to your skin? Want to know which skin care products might just work out on you? Then it’s time you visit Flawless Face and Body Clinic and consult a doctor on which skin products would work out more and solve your skin problems (e.g. acne, pores and other concerns). The doctor’s consultation is free when it comes to non-medical concerns.

Prior to last week’s appointment and consultation and facial, the doctor recommended 5 skin care products that would be fit to use on my skin, and these skin care products were the ff: SAS Soap/Tea Tree Soap (for morning and evening use), Pore Refiner Toner (for morning and evening use), Erythromycin Solution (for morning and evening use), Benzyl Peroxide (morning and evening use) and Daily Sun Shield (for morning and afternoon use).

SAS Soap, Pore Refiner Toner and Skin Protect Gel from Flawless (620 Php)

Out of these 5 products, I bought only 3 for the meantime and these include: SAS Soap , Pore Refiner Toner and last but not the least is the Daily Sun Shield for a total of 720 Php. (Since I used the P100 pink peso voucher, the total priced was cut off to 620 Php).

So, here are the following products ,how they work and how to use it:

SAS Soap Price: P140
SAS Soap (Price: Php140)

The first skin care product will be the SAS Soap. If you’re the type of Bella who is prone to acnes and oily skin, then this product may be just the right one for you. This SAS Soap is speficially designed to combat acne-causing bacteria and minimize oiliness. Note, this is for face use only. If your concern is a dry skin, you may use this soap once a day , or if you have an oily skin just like me, you may use this soap twice a day (take note, this is only for morning and evening use if you need to use it twice).

You may also prefer to use the Tea Tree Soap (I don’t have an image of this kind of soap since I prefer to buy the SAS Soap only for the mean time).

Flawless Pore Refiner Toner   Price: Php290
Flawless Pore Refiner Toner (Price: Php290)

Second skin care product that a Bella could use is the Pore Refiner Toner (this is for those whose skin problems focus on pores and oily skin). This pore refiner toner is mostly made of alcohol and it is designed to help reduce the appearance of large pores and this is also suitable for oily skin.

As on how to use the product, apply this Pore Refiner Toner on your face using cotton balls after washing. Just like the first product discussed or mentioned, this is for morning and evening use only.

Flawless Skin Protect Gel   Price: Php290
Flawless Skin Protect Gel (Price: Php290)

Last but definitely not the least, is the Skin Protect Gel, which I also bought for Php290. Like any other skin care product, this skin protect gel is also made of ethyl alcohol. It is designed to help protect a Bella’s skin from being damaged by the harmful UV rays of the sun, especially when they’re leaving the house at either morning or noon time to travel to their office or even to go school. This Flawless skin care product is more suitable for those who have oily and acne-prone skin.

When using this product, apply evenly on areas that are exposed to the sun which is more specifically your face. Re-apply this skin protect gel to maintain protection from the sun, most especially after sweating, swimming or toweling.

This skin protect gel could come in handy for Bella’s to bring along with them, especially when they’re travelling to a province or elsewhere.

You could buy yours at Flawless Face and Body Clinic nearest your location.

That’s all for today, Bella’s! Stay tuned on my next product review. 🙂




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