My BDJ Coupon Experience

Being a Bella has its perks. You get to enjoy some of their freebies just by using BDJ coupons from several trusted brand partners: Coffee Bean, Serenitea, Red Mango, Lynelle, French Baker, Lipault, and many more.


One brand I mostly used is the one from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf since I’m a coffee lover . The coupons I already used are the tea latte and ice blended coffee. The first coupon that I used from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is the tea latte wherein I bought a Chai Tea Latte (warm) then a regular Iced Moroccan Mint tea latte for free.


The second and third BDJ coupon I used was the Serenitea coupon (which is the 5% discount on snacks and drinks on one receipt). The 5% discount on snacks was used by my friend who bought her snack or meals while I used the 5% discount on my Wintermelon sweet beverage.


Another CBTL coupon I used from the booklet was the free regular Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream when I bought 2 Ice Blended Hazelnut Chocolate (1 –Pure or caffeine free and 1 caffeinated). I also bought a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and Carrot Walnut Loaf along with the drinks.

Looking forward to use other coupons aside from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Serenitea. I hope I get to earn up to 40 or 50 coupons to avail of 1 or 2 free BDJ Power Planners for the year 2018 (the other planner is a gift item for my friend)



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