My 1st BDJ Rendezvous Experience


Yesterday was a jam pack experience for me at the BDJ Rendezvous (BDJ Woman Up) . This was my first time to attend this event as a Bella. Not only did this allow me to step out of my comfort zone by meeting new people and making new friends, but I also learned something from the key note speakers who shared their experiences and life stories with us. Here are the things I’ve learned from each topic and key note speaker:

Expressing One Self Through Style (Speaker: Ms. Shaira Habon – Fashion Stylist)

Ms. Shaira Habon , a lifestyle blogger and fashion stylist, shared about different styles of expressing yourself through dressing up, determining your body shape , choosing the right clothes (according to the occasion) , wearing the proper and appropriate makeup and even the difference between fashion and style.

Fashion is the trend that people follow whereas style is creating your own. We may follow what’s on trend, but we don’t have to lose ourselves in the process of making improvements in expressing ourselves through style. When we express ourselves through styling, we don’t have to really think about what other people would say about us but rather considering the situation we are in and the occasion.

Moreover, we can’t please other people no matter what we do, even through styling ourselves.


Pursuing An Active Lifestyle (Speaker: Ms. Noelle De Guzman – The Kikay Runner)

One of the tips that Ms. De Guzman shared to us when planning our exercise is to jot it down in our planner and making it an appointment with ourselves as we are our own boss. However, we make sure that the tasks we jot down in our planner is doable for us.

Cut or drop the negative thoughts and attitudes about exercising such as “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” Or “I’m too busy that I don’t have time for that.” Because we really can make it a habit of exercising. If we are worried about what other people would say to us or tell us about this, we just have to remind ourselves, “Why would we let somebody who don’t even know us tell us what we should do with our body?”


Leading An Impact (Speaker: Ms. Noelle Rodriguez – Holistic Health Coach)

Holistic Health Coach Ms. Noelle Rodriguez shared to us what it’s like to lead an impact and have our personal mantra. Just like with Ms. Noelle de Guzman, we have to drop off all those negative thinking that we have to ourselves.  Turn those negative thoughts such as “I am not enough”, “I am not confident”, “I am not pretty” into positive thoughts or affirmations .

As what Ms. Rodriguez said, “At the end, it’s still our perspective that matters”


Unlocking Your Potential (Speaker: Ms. April Cuenca – CEO, Tripkada)

Last but not the least, Ms. April Cuenca of Tripkada shared to us about working on our passion, as well as her experiences in life, most especially when it comes to travel. When it comes to getting or hiring traveling agencies to book a trip , we have the right to be choosy, especially when the travel agency that we get is not legit or just pretending to be one. Before booking a trip with a travel agency, one thing we should consider is the reviews or what other people say about a certain travel agency, as there are instances that we might get victimized.

Back to the topic, working on our passion is really important. Why work on something when we are not even passionate about it?


Aside from the talk about these topics, the event doesn’t just stop to that, as there are fun games and raffle prizes Bellas can participate in. Every Bella had fun as no one came home empty handed. Everyone came home bagging a prize sponsored by different brand partners (Lynell, Flawless, Serenitea, French Baker, Red Mango, Lipault, Mystery Manila, Fresh Gear, etc.)


Moreover, I love the yummy treats sponsored by Cinnabon (which I just took home since I was already full with the meal we had.) as well as the prizes I brought home.

Looking forward for more events like this one.




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