Fun at Otaku Expo

Anime lovers usually anticipate this kind of event where they could see cosplayers dressing up as their favorite anime character. Otaku Expo is just like any other anime-related events or exhibits where anime items such as costume playing stuff , cards, etc. But it doesn’t just stop there as some activities like games, contests and battle of the bands are also being held. Not only do they sell anime-related items, they also sell other stuff such as Harry Potter souvenirs or merchandise, button pins and many other cute items you can buy or give as gifts to your friends.

But what does the word ‘Otaku’ really mean? The word ‘Otaku’ simply got its name or term from Japanese people which defines a young person obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills. For other people, this may appear extremely negative to them as they are defined as a homely person or someone who is anti-social. The term ‘otaku’ usually refers to someone who usually stays at home to kill time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the Internet  rather than socializing or mingling with other people or sometimes, it’s also used to refer to someone who’s a nerd , hacker or even programmer.

Going back to the topic, you could see gamers active at this event as well . You can find when at every corner of the place where this exhibit is being held. You could also see some people watching anime singing competitions, performances from anime cosplayers and the like.

I visited this event or exhibit together with my friends last Sunday (February 5,2017) . We visited every booth, except the photo booth. The entrance fee costs P180 per head or person. Strictly no food and drinks allowed inside.


Activities being held in the event are: Eating Contests, Card Game Tournament (for gamers), On The Spot Art-Contest, Speed Drawing Contest, Individual Cosplay Competition, Battle of the Bands, Anime Singing Competition , Anime Booths and more for anime lovers to enjoy.

(Note: The individual cosplay competition is not limited for only anime characters as there are cosplayers who dress up as Disney princesses or characters. I got to have a picture taken with a cosplayer dressed up as Esmeralda)


With Esmeralda


(I forgot the name of the anime character)

Booths that visitors can see are t-shirt printing, stalls that sell wigs/extensions/hair dyes (I bought my hair extension here for P250 and it’s the last stock remaining.) ,  booths where visitors can buy button pins, Harry Potter merchandise, stickers, stationeries and more.


  Cute Anime Items


T-Shirt/Souvenir Shop


Otaku Magazines


More Otaku Magazines and Button Pins


Cute Beret Hats


Crowds of people watching “Battle of The Bands”

I and my friends may not have bought much items from this exhibit, but we surely had a blast visiting this once in a while event. I have no regrets whatsoever in buying my souvenir (hair extension) .



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