Compiled Recipe – Bacon and Cheese Puto

Bacon and Cheese Puto

* 4 cups all purpose flour
* 2 cups sugar
* 2 ½ tbsp baking powder
* 1 cup evaporated milk
* 1 small egg
* ½ cup butter, melted
* 1 cup bacon, fried, crumbled into bits
* ½ cup cheddar cheese , sliced

1) Pre-heat a steamer.

2) Sift together flour, sugar and baking powder.

3) Mix milk, egg, butter and 2 ½ cups water in a large bowl.

4) Add flour, mixture to wet ingredients and whisk until smooth.

5) Mix bacon into batter, reserving ¼ cup for topping.

6) Pour batter into a regular muffin pan or individual molds until two-thirds full.

7) Place cheese slices and reserved bacon bits on top.

8) Steam for 20 minutes or until set.



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