Compiled Recipe – Mini Molten Chocolate Cake

Mini Molten Chocolate Cake

* ½ cup dark chocolate chunks (or semi-sweet chocolate chips)
* ½ cup unsalted butter
* 1 cup all purpose flour
* 3 large eggs
* ½ cup brown sugar
* pinch of salt

1) Pre-heat a turbo broiler to 350˚F. Melt dark chocolate chunks or semi-sweet chocolate chips and unsalted butter over a double boiler.

2) Mix in 1 cup all purpose flour; cool. Beat together eggs, brown sugar and a pinch of salt until light in color.

3) Fold in chocolate mixture, divide among 4 greased (4 ounce) ramekins and bake in the turbo broiler for 15 to 20 minutes , or until set but still gooey in the middle.



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