Compiled Recipe – Strawberry and Toasted Marshmallows Milkshake

Strawberry and Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

* 3 large marshmallows
* 1 cup Arla Milk Goodness
* 1 cup strawberry ice cream
* 1 tbsp plain yogurt

1) Using a toaster, toast all marshmallows until charred. Freeze the charred marshmallows afterwards.

2) Combine ½ cup Arla Milk Goodness Strawberry and frozen toasted marshmallows in a blender. Blend until they are as pureed as you can get them or preferred.

3) Add remaining Arla Milk Goodness Strawberry , strawberry ice cream and yogurt; blend until combined.

4) Transfer to a glass and top with more toasted marshmallows.





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