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The Super Parental Guardians (A Movie Review)

The Super Parental Guardians (A Movie Review)

This story revolves around Ariel Ciriaco/Arci (Vice Ganda) and Paco (Coco Martin) , who act and portray the role of second parents to Ernie and Megan, as requested by their mother , Sarah (Matet de Leon) in case anything bad happens to her. Paco, in fact, is the uncle of the children and was forced to live with Arci even though it was against his will in the first place.

Paco and Arci first met each other at Sarah’s funeral. Displeased at the thought that Arci will take the role of being a parent to Megan and Ernie, he tells Arci to leave the place. Until such time that Paco learns that the children are unsafe in their old residence, he finally decides to live with Arci even just for a short while until he finds the culprit behind his sister’s death, unaware that the house Arci lives in is not really his but rather his boss who later turns out to be the boss of a drug syndicate group as well.

My favorite parts of this film were some scenes where Arci and Megan were jokingly competing with each other first and comparing whose spaghetti recipe is better, when Arci defends the children for their misconduct and talks to the teacher after receiving a letter of suspension from the school, the parody of Train to Busan and the part where Paco tells Arci to love and value himself first before loving other people.

Least favorite parts were the opening scene, where Paco and his gang gets involved in a brawl with another gang, more killing and violence depicted in some scenes, and the part where obscenities or improper way of answering to authorities were being shown.

My favorite line(s)/quote(s) from the movie is/are:
* “My spaghetti  has sauce made with freshly picked tomatoes.” – Megan

* ”My spaghetti has banana ketchup with glutathione, silymarin extract and gingko biloba.” – Arci

Reflections/Insights/Critique on this movie:
* Children need to be guided by their parents or other adults when viewing this film as it depicts more violence, obscenities and immoralities shown in some parts of the movie rather than the good values that should be shown or taught to them.

*Adults should set a good example to the youth. This was taught or shown in Paco’s scene with Arci as he tells Paco to be mindful of his nephews rather than getting in a brawl and always letting his anger consume him.



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