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Food Review: Grand Duchess Cafe


Just enjoyed my sweet Monday afternoon here at this café by having a dose of their frapuccino and a slice of one of their doughnuts.

Grand Duchess Café now opens at the 3rd floor of SM City Sta Mesa where residents near this place could visit the café and order their favorite mouth-watering desserts or beverages . When it comes to the ambiance of this café, I love their design with brick walls, fancy lights and cozy chairs where guests could chill out with their friends or colleague.

This café serves kettle doughnuts, specialty coffee, fyraqava/frystaqava, and yogurt gelato. For the iced coffee, the price depends on the size (petit/moyen/grand) , kind of frap (traditional/origin), and the flavor. Other beverages include Fyra/Frysta Tea Latte, Fyra/Frysta Chocolat, Specialty Frystaqava.

As for the desserts, guests can either have the Frysta Frulli (more on fruits) , doughnuts (choose from Dip N’Braids, Single Specialty Duchess Doughnuts and Single Plain/Glazed Duchess Doughnuts. You may even buy a box of either  6 assorted doughnuts, 1 dozen assorted or 2 dozen assorted from these two choice of doughnuts to bring home to your family or loved ones.


What I tried out here was the Chocolate Peanut Butter doughnut and French Almond Macarons frystaqava . Their doughnut and frap has just the right level of sweetness. On my next visit , I would want to try more of their doughnuts and frap or coffee, preferably the Red/Black/Paris Eye (coffee with shots of espresso).


Come and visit Grand Duchess Café at 3rd floor of SM City Sta Mesa near Cyberzone and McDonald’s. There are also other Grand Duchess Café branches for you to visit.


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