Fun at GCC Alumni Fair (November 24-26, 2016)


GCC Alumni Fair is an annual event held at the gymnasium of Grace Christian College during the 11th month , nearing the Christmas season. It is a three-day event open to all guests , students, as well as alumni and friends of Grace.

Visitors or guests have an entrance fee of P20 to enjoy this fun-filled event where they could buy some items either for themselves to store at home such as appliances and kitchenware or even some cute souvenirs that they could give as gift items for their loved ones such as lotions, clothes, toys and even accessories like choker necklace. Aside from buying some items, there are also booths where they could enjoy some activities, arcade games like basketball , driving, get into a virtual ride or other things they want.

What’s more interesting about this event is that it’s run by the students from high school and college department, supervised by some of the faculties of GCC. Visitors get to have fun at the alumni fair.

Feeling hungry after roaming around to shop for items? There are also food stalls where you could buy your lunch. For this year, food stalls available for guests are Shawarma, Chooks To Go, I Love Milktea, Lemon Bee and more.


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