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Imagine You and Me (A Movie Review)

This film narrates another love story between an OFW worker, Gara (Maine Mendoza) and Andrew (Alden Richards) who finds it hard to move on from a heartbreak after being rejected by the girl he loves.

Gara keeps herself busy in Italy as a pet sitter to Molly (Isay’s dog) , caregiver to an elderly man and a household helper to Terry (Irma Adlawan) as well , who turns out to be Andrew’s stepmom. Gara and Andrew seem to be at each other’s throats in the first place since Andrew accused Gara for conniving with the thief who stole his bag at the park, not knowing that Gara chased after the thief to retrieve the bag and return it to Andrew only to find that he was no longer in the park. Gara, in turn, despises Andrew for being such a douchebag and an ingrate.

Upon learning from Terry about Andrew’s situation , Gara’s heart softens and decides to help Andrew get over his heartbreak from being rejected by the girl he loves, which then starts their budding romance. However, things turn upside down as Gara finds out who Isay (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) really is by following and picking up the pieces of the broken heart-shaped glass and learns that Clarissa and Isay are the same person. Gara confronts Isay one time about not telling the truth about her condition to Andrew thinks that Isay is being selfish about leaving Andrew without any particular reason, deciding it’s about time that Isay and Andrew meet up  and arranges it for them so that they can finally talk and clear things out .

My favorite parts in this movie are: the scene where Andrew makes it up to Gar a for being rude and yelling at her for interfering with his life, the part when Andrew and Gara started to date and the scene where Isay lets go of Andrew and tells him he deserves to be with someone who makes him smile the way he used to.

Least favorite part was the confrontational scene between Gara and Isay where they got in a heated argument when Gara sees Isay writing her goodbye letters as she is terminally ill , as well as the part where Andrew confronts Isay about not informing him of her whereabouts and her health condition.

Some of the quotes/lines that struck me while watching this movie were:
“Kaya nga na-imbento ang glue para kahit gaano kawasak ang isang bagay, pwede pa ring mabuo.” – Gara

“Mas tragic yung hindi mo man lang naranasang magmahal. Mas malungkot yung mamatay na hindi mo man lang nakilala yung taong laan para sa ‘yo.” – Gara

“Hindi ka pa nagkakaroon ng totoong heartbreak kasi hindi ka pa nai-inlove.” – Andrew

“You were meant to be with someone who makes you smile like that.”- Isay

Reflections/Insights/Critique on this movie:
* We deserve to be with someone who makes us feel happy and smile.  We just have to wait in God’s perfect time.

* It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. This was what I learned and realized from Gara as she tells Andrew that it is more tragic when a person doesn’t experience love at all and dying without even meeting the other person that was destined for them.

“No matter how it hurts, we still have to be honest with the person we love. Another realization where Gara confronted Isay about not telling Andrew regarding her condition. Gara tells Isay to be honest with Andrew, no matter how it hurts.


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