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Food Review: Backyard Kitchen and Brew


Backyard Kitchen and Brew is probably one of the best new restaurants I’ve tried , most especially at the UP Town Center. This was operated or owned by Chef Ed Bugia (Pi, Pino, Pipino and Burger Project).

Some of you might even appreciate the design and concept of this restaurant where you could see metal bucket lamps used as lightings, ladders which hung from the ceiling , but what would amaze you the most are the old car plates that are being used as lamp covers and to complete this nice homey touch would be the signage surrounded by plant pots.

Now , talking about the food…

The menu of this restaurant includes Salted Egg Chicken Flatbread which consists the salted egg and crispy chicken skin with a touch of sweet whimsy , the inclusion of  cherry tomatoes and topped with a mix of mozzarella and ricotta cheeses before being baked.

Another one is the Salted Egg Chicken Skin whose freshly fried chicken is tossed in a salted egg mixture to give off  a nicely textured and flavored appetizer.

What  I and my family tried for lunch at this restaurant are Coffee Crusted Baby Back Ribs (full slab – P850) ,  Mushroom Truffle Soup (P245) and Chicken Lollipop.

Coffee Crusted Baby Back Ribs (no image available) 

Coffee Crusted Baby Back Ribs is a slow-cooked smoke coffee spice rub baby back ribs with grilled corn on the cob and potato salad.


Mushroom Truffle Soup

This soup might taste sour at the first place, but try putting lemon in it, and it will surely taste good at the second try. Mushroom truffle soup is made up of pure mushroom puree, cream , sour cream, grilled lemon and truffle oil.


Chicken Lollipop

This dish consists of a 3 breaded chicken lollipop, mushroom gravy and white rice. Their breaded chicken lollipop sure tastes good matched with a mushroom gravy.



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