A Day Out In UP Town Center with My Family


This was my first time to visit and stroll around the place with my family, try out a new restaurant and explore the mall. UP Town Center might just be a new place for me to hang out with my family and friends. This place is convenient to workers, students and other people who reside in Katipunan.

About UP Town Center

UP Town Center is part of Ayala Malls 360, as well as a mixed-use retail and office development which offers an optimal mix of high quality retailers and office tenants responsive to the needs and demands of students, residents and workers in this surrounding community.

This place serves as an interactive venue which is favorable or convenient for free expression, discourse and skills development through its green spaces, academic facilities, amphitheater and as well as Student Hub.

Students, residents, and employees near this area find it convenient to shop and visit this place for hanging out with their friends, family and colleagues during their free time.

What I like about UP Town Center

What I basically like about this place upon my first visit is its vast area. You could just simply stroll around this vicinity, aside from the new restaurants you’ve never been to and would want to try out with your barkada, colleagues or just simply your family member.

There are a lot of activities that you could do in UP Town Center like play at an arcade zone, eat to your heart’s content at your favorite restaurant, watch movie or stroll around and go shopping until you drop.

.  You could even chill out and have a good conversation with your friends at your favorite coffee shop


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