food review

Food Review – I’m Here Cafe

Thinking of where to hang out next with your barkada or family? Check out this café at Tomas Morato Ave. It’s a new Korean café that you can spot at the 3rd floor of CTTM building across Boy Scout Circle in Timog, replacing Centerstage KTV.


You can find this café’s space cozy enough for you and your friends to hang out while sipping your drinks and munching on your snacks. You can even spend your time here working on assignments or a project, or surf the Internet. It’s huge and spacious, accommodating a lot of customers who want to chill or de-stress themselves from a very long day at work or at school.



What I like about this café is its concept of having different cubicles like the study table where students can work on their assignments and school projects. I’d say that this double-deck seating café is convenient for other customers who want to have their own private time.


This café serves coffee, non-coffee, frappe , smoothie and bread. With regards to their drinks, I’d recommend the Hazelnut Iced Latte or Java Chip Mocha Frappe. You may also want to try out their Garlic Cheese Bread when you drop by this place.


This was what I and my sisters and nephew tried during our stay here yesterday at  I’m Here Café for our bonding time. (L-R) : Java Chip Mocha Frappe, Hazelnut Iced Latte and Green Tea Frappe. We just can’t help but enjoy munching on their garlic cheese bread oozing with a bit of cheese whiz spread.

This cafe is selfie worthy for you and your barkada or family when you happen to drop by . In I’m Here Café, you’ll feel like you’re at home even when you’re outside. Take note, though,  visitors are required to take off their shoes when paying a visit here.





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