Compiled Recipe – Red Tuna Fillet

Red Tuna Fillet

* 220 grams red tuna fillet
* 30 grams lettuce leaves
* 40 grams asparagus
* 3 grams basil
* 20 mL vegetable oil
* 5 mL sesame oil
* 10 grams sesame seeds
* 10 grams lemon
* 20 grams pineapple rosemary sauce
* salt and pepper to taste
1) Break the lettuce apart into leaves, then wash and dry it. Rip the leaves up by hand. Then salt the lettuce, flavoring with sesame oil and mixing it thoroughly with sesame seeds.

2) Wash and dry the basil, then use it as a garnish. Carefully wash and dry the asparagus then remove the rough skin from the bottom of the asparagus stalks, boil it for two minutes in lightly salted water and quickly remove it and let it cool so it doesn’t lose its color.

3) Carefully wash and dry the red tuna fillet. It should be about 2 cm. Salt the fillet and brown both sides in vegetable oil in a hot frying pan for one minute per side. The tuna should be golden brown on the outside and retain its natural red color (i.e. it should be raw) on the inside.

4) Put the tuna on a plate with sesame seeds and cover it all over with the seeds, then bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for two minutes. Then place the fish on a cutting board and cut it in a half into two triangles. Put the tuna in the middle of a large round plate. Place the prepared lettuce leaves and asparagus next to it.

5) Pour previously heated up pineapple and rosemary sauce in a circle around the plate. Garnish with lemon wedge and basil blossom.

Image Sources:
Seared Tuna with Mixed Greens and Lemon-Tahini dressing


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