Compiled Recipe – Sea Bass with Red Caviar

Sea Bass with Red Caviar

* 1 sea bass
* 30 grams lettuce
* 20 grams tartar sauce
* 50 mL cream
* 15 grams lemon
* 20 mL vegetable oil
* 10 grams red caviar
* 2 grams basil
* salt and pepper – to taste

1)  Wash the sea bass under running water and remove the scales. Cut off all the fins and remove the gills. Then cut the fish and carefully remove all the bones. Wash the fish carefully and dry it inside and out with a dry towel. Put it belly-down in a metal or ceramic baking pan, open it from the back and bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for ten minutes until done. Carefully wash the lettuce leaves and dry them thoroughly.  Then rip the lettuce up by hand.

2) Put the lettuce leaves in a bowl, add tartar sauce and toss thoroughly. Put the lettuce inside the fish through the open back.

3) Pour the cream in a pot and boil, adding a little salt. Put the fish on a hot plate with high sides. Pour the cream around the fish.

4) Garnish the plate with red caviar, lemon and basil.

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