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Compiled Recipe – Cruchon


* 100 mL cognac
* 100 mL orange liqueur
* 750 mL white wine (dry or sem-sweet)
* 750 mL champagne
* 1 pc large watermelon
* 350 grams grapes
* 1 pc peach
* 2 pcs apples
* 5 tbsp sugar

1) Cruchon has one distinctive feature: it is only served in a very chilled state. You can use different kinds of fruits, berries, or low alcohol table and sparkling wine. But never add ice, otherwise it will become very watery. This is a rule that you should always remember when you are preparing watermelon cruchon.

2) Thoroughly wash a medium-sized ripe watermelon under running water. Dry it and cut off the top. With a  fine sharp knife, cut out all the red fruit and place it on a separate plate or tray. Since you will be using other fruits and other berries in addition to the watermelon, this amount will be enough to prepare double portions, which can be served in a glass jorum or a round deep salad bowl.

3) Remove the seeds from the red fruit and cut it into small pieces with a knife. If the berries are very ripe, puree them in the blender. Cut the fruits and berries into several pieces and place them into the hollow watermelon.

4) Sprinkle sugar on the fruit, stir gently and pour cold alcoholic beverages over it. Place the prepared cruchon in the watermelon  in the fridge for one hour in order to thoroughly cool the dish.

5) A few minutes before serving, add some fresh or frozen cherries to the drink. They will give the cruchon a special flavor and color. If you want your drink to be less alcoholic, mix in some cold soda water.

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