Compiled Recipe – Fresh Mushroom Kebabs

Fresh Mushroom Kebab

* 500 grams fresh porcini mushrooms
* 4 onions
* 150 grams bacon
* salt, black pepper to taste
* ½ tsp of 10 berries or dried (fresh juniper)
* 300 grams rye bread
* 3 cloves garlic

1) Chop the bacon and rub it with juniper berry juice. Slice the bread, mash the garlic and rub it into the bread on both sides. Wash and clean the mushrooms, then wash again. Cook in a mess-tin 15-20 minutes.

2) Slice the onions into large circles. Skewer the caps and stipes of mushrooms, bacon, bread and onions in any order. Put salt and pepper on the skewer. Grill over a fire that is going out above the coals.

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