Compiled Recipe – Stuffed Pineapple

Stuffed Pineapple

*300 grams large raw unpeeled shrimp
* 200 grams jasmine rice
*2 cloves garlic
* red hot pepper
* 1 bunch scallions
* lime zest
* 2 cm fresh ginger root
* 1 handful cashew nuts , shelled
* 3 tbsp vegetable oil
* 2 tbsp fish sauce
* 2 tsp ground turmeric

1) Soak rice in cold water for 1 hour. Peel and mince garlic and ginger. Wash the scallions and slice thinly, separating the white from the green. Remove the seeds from hot pepper and mince. Put the rice in the strainer and wash with running water. Put 500 mL of water in a pot , add lime zest and 1 tsp turmeric  and cook for 15 minutes. Pour out the water and remove the zest. Peel and de-vein the shrimp, take off the heads. Chop the nuts. Wash, dry and cut the pineapple in half lengthwise, take out the core. Take out the pulp and cut into squares. Put the pineapple halves in the oven and warm up at 180 degrees Celsius. Warm half the vegetable oil in a pan, fry the white part of the scallion, garlic, ginger and hot pepper  for 3-4 minutes. Add nuts, pineapple pieces and cook for another 4 minutes.

2) Add shrimp and sprinkle with turmeric then sauté for 3 minutes. Grind white pepper in a mortar, add to the pan with the shrimp together with the rest of the oil, fish sauce and rice. Add salt to taste and fry for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Fill the pineapple halves with the rice mixture, sprinkle with scallion and serve.

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