Compiled Recipe- Brizol with Cheese and Vegetables

Brizol With Cheese and Vegetables


Stuffing (1/2)
*6 eggs
* 160 grams cheese
*Two tomatoes
*One fresh cucumber
*5 tbsp vegetable oil
*Black pepper

1) Add eggs, salt and pepper stuffing and mix everything thoroughly. Divide the stuffing into serving sized pieces. Scramble the eggs separately with a little bit of salt for each serving.

2) Take two sheets of cellophane, place one serving of meat stuffing on one of them, and over the top with the other sheet.

3) Pour the scrambled eggs into a wide, flat bowl. Remove the top layer of the cellophane from the stuffing and flip it into the eggs. Then remove the other layer of a cellophane. Carefully place the stuffing and eggs on a heated frying pan. Cook the eggs on one side. Flip stuffing side-down and cook the other side. Place egg side-down on a dish. Sprinkle with grated cheese, chopped tomatoes, and cucumbers. Line everything up carefully and garnish with chives.




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