A Short Spiel (Conversation Type)


Abi:  Hi ____________ , good afternoon and welcome to  Asian Academy of Television Arts.  I’m Abigail.  Is there anything I can help you with?

___________ :  Hi  Ms. Abigail, good afternoon. I’m Tonee .  I would like to inquire regarding the school and the courses offered.

Abi : Hi Ms. Tonee.  Asian Academy of Television Arts is a specialty school which caters to an individual’s needs by offering training courses that would train his/her knowledge and skills when it comes to entertainment industry, as well as helping one boost up his/her personality, confidence and ability to socialize with other people.  Courses offered are Creative Scriptwriting, Performing Arts (Acting, Voice and Dance), Keyboard and Guitar Lessons , Eric Morris Acting System, and more.

Tonee:  I want to learn how to ramp like a model.  Is there a course being offered for those who want to become one?

Abi:  Yes, Ms. Tonee. We also offer Modelling courses. Aside from the courses mentioned before, we also do have Language Proficiency, Personality Enhancement, Voice One-On-One, Mind Sync and other courses, depending on the client’s needs. These are categorized as special module classes.

Tonee:  What do I get from enrolling in any of these workshop or training courses? Is there any requirement such as good singing voice or experience in acting?

Abi: The school will help in training you to develop your personality through means of intensive lectures and hands on sessions on which course you decide to take. I also used to be a shy type of individual before until I enrolled here at AATA. I learned what it is like to perform in front of an audience, as well as working in the field of television industry. Enrolling here at AATA also helped me learn to step out of my comfort zone and socialize with other people.  You will really learn a lot from here.

Tonee:  That’s very nice to hear. Last question,  how do I pay for the course that I plan to take here at AATA?  Are there any requirements I need to accomplish?

Abi:  Payment can be done either through installment basis or you can simply deposit through BDO. You can visit AATA and present a 2×2 ID picture, an accomplished admission form,  and transcript of records.

Tonee:  Thank you,  Ms. Abigail

Abi:  Is there anything else I can help you with?

Tonee: That’s all . Thank you again and have a nice day

Abi: You’re welcome and have a nice day too.





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