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Food Review: Bean Leaf (Coffee, Tea and More)

Want tea or coffee? Then Bean Leaf may be the right store for you to visit and relax .

This store focuses on concocting a variety of flavors in order to achieve something delectable and distinct. Established to give everyone convenience , relaxation and high quality products, without the need to go to different beverage shops, Bean Leaf combines tea and coffee into one. They use imported flavorings and syrups, as well as high quality imported leaves and the aromatic coffee beans Arabica so as to sustain the formula’s ingenuity.

This beverage company’s mission is to commit its brand in exceeding the expectations of its Filipino customers through its high quality food and drinks being served at its most relaxing ambience. Bean Leaf also commits its brand in continuous development and improvement in quality and efficient service through reliability of exemplary and unique products that will nurture its customer’s satisfaction.

Bean Leaf wants you to experience the difference through its menu. Other than milk tea and coffee, they also serve something that’s mouthwatering for its customers to eat such as Sausages (Hungarian, Frankfurter, Chorizo, Schublig, Pork Bratwurst and Veal Bratwurst) , Sandwiches (Tuna Kani, Chicken Ciabatta and Smoked Salmon) ,  Snacks (Crispy Squid Fries, Fish N’ Chips and French Fries) , Pasta (Italian Seafood and Carbonara)  and Desserts (Waffle, Cake In A Jar and S’mores Chocolate Cake).

Beverages served by this company are Fruit Teas (Peach, Citrus with Malunggay, Lemon , Blueberry, Lychee, Raspberry, Mixed Berries, Green Apple and Passion Fruit), Trademark Beverages (Matcha Green Tea, Nutella Overload, Blueberry Mocha, Creamy Cookie Butter, Dark Choco Almond, Dark Choco Mint, Red Velvet, Choco Vanilla Oatmeal, and Vanilla Butterscotch) , Frappe (Raspberry Coffee Dream, Caramel Macchiato, Dark Choco Moch, Coffee Java, Espresso Rhum, Mocha Java, Mocha Hazelnut and Coffee Jelly), Espresso (Caramel Macchiato, Bean Leaf Coffee Latte, Cappuccino, Café Americano, Vanilla Macchiato, Macchiato, Raspberry Coffee Dream, Mocha Hazelnut and Dark Choco Mocha) and of course, Milk Teas (Wintermelon ,Toffee Butterscotch, Hokkaido, Cookies and Cream, Okinawa, Honeydew , Bean Leaf, Vanilla , Caramel, Taro and Hazelnut).

One of my favorite drink during my visit at Bean Leaf is the Wintermelon Milk Tea. I’d definitely be coming back to try more of their other products.Aside from the products, Bean Leaf is nice when it comes to its ambience in a sense that it’s neat.

A. The place itself

B. Its products


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