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Movie Review: Heneral Luna

This historical film takes us back to the setting of Philippine-American way back in 1898 where General Antonio Luna (John Arcilla) , a commander of the revolutionary army , leads an uprising against the American colony years after the Spanish reign, wanting peace and freedom for Philippines – our Motherland.  However, much to his dismay, some of his cabinet or elite members would want to make a deal with the United States.

General Antonio Luna’s decisions are somehow opposed or met with resistance by some soldiers who only want to follow Emilio Aguinaldo and are loyal to him. Due to his arrogance and short tempered nature, General Antonio Luna makes a number of enemies, not only with the Americans but also with his countrymen and cabinet members particularly Gen. Tomas Mascardo (Lorenz Martinez), Felipe Buencamino (Nonie Buencamino) Pedro Paterno (Leo Martinez) and Capt. Janolino (Ketchup Eusebio) , leading him to his untimely death as well where he was assassinated by a pack of presidential guards.

I could correlate the lines of General Antonio Luna with that of Enjolras, a fictional character from Les Miserables. Some of his quotes like “Freedom cannot be won by protecting their loved ones. They have to pay the price.” and “Do we not have the same right to Liberty?” can be associated with “Have you asked of yourselves what’s the price you might pay?” and “Will you stand up and take your chance?”

The central theme lies on freedom and peace through means of Revolution. This time it was against the American colony. Others fell during the battle while some rose up to take the place of the fallen general. After watching this movie, I could say that the actor John Arcilla as well as the rest of the cast portrayed the role very well.  This is another historical film worth watching as it serves as an eye opener to every Filipino citizen to what’s going on right now, especially with the government.


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